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PeopleSoft training: how will it work?

A key component to the successful implementation of OneCarolina’s second phase will be training. Time and time again, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects have reported that training and change management ultimately determined whether their implementation was a success or not. For USC, training each end-user properly will enable them to transition successfully from legacy systems to PeopleSoft.

The bottom line is this: training won’t be deployed using a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it will be rolled out to end-users utilizing several different deployment methods. Ultimately, there will be times when two or four of the methods are used; it will all depend on the needs of the individual user.

One of those training methods will be the Knowledge Center, a web-based eLearning platform designed to help users understand their relationship with PeopleSoft. After they sign in, users will be led through their assigned training courses – called Knowledge Paths - to get them ready to interact with the system in a live environment.

The project team has already begun customizing hundreds of eLearning topics in order to serve the needs of the USC community. After go-live, users will have the ability to submit feedback so that training content keeps up with the everyday needs of the university community.

“Every ERP Implementation lives and dies by change management and training,” said OneCarolina Training Coordinator Shannon Hicks. “It doesn’t matter if you have a flawless system if the users cannot utilize it. If users are not given the proper technical training and explained how to conduct critical tasks in their new environment, you lose necessary ‘buy-in,’ morale dips and employee productivity slows significantly after go-live.”

Completion of the assigned courses within the Knowledge Center will be required to obtain a username and password to sign in to PeopleSoft. That means that even Cocky will need to use the Knowledge Center to access the system!

Other types of training will include instructor-led training, information sessions, conference calls, and in-application help, which will be available to users throughout the life of the system. In-application help will feature a step-by-step interactive video simulation that will guide users through business processes in real-time without leaving the system itself.

Under the hood, what’s making this massive rollout of customized training content possible is a tool called User Productivity Kit (UPK). Acting as a content development platform, UPK integrates seamlessly with PeopleSoft and can produce how-to videos, job aids, study guides, training guides for instructors, and test scripts for testing. That same content will also be leveraged for instructor-led training, as well as things like just-in-time conference calls and web demos.

Finance employees will begin to interact with the Knowledge Center and PeopleSoft around the time their training begins in April 2015. More information on end-user training will be made available as we get closer to go-live next year.

OneCarolina Communications Team

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