University of South Carolina

Integration Architecture and Planning Workshop Held (April 29, 2010)

OneCarolina recently held an Integration Architecture and Planning (IAP) workshop for Technical team members.  The workshop provided discussions and working sessions aimed at refining technical integration processes for the OneCarolina project.

Activities in the workshop included an overview of SunGard Higher Education's approach to integrating their Banner product with a customer's existing systems.  Team members discussed how this approach could be adapted to current OneCarolina implementation strategies.  The team also reviewed OneCarolina's current systems inventory, and worked on plans for building prototypes of integration and decision-making processes.

During the IAP, the team planned use of the current OneCarolina Inventory tool.  This tool is web-based, and will be used to build a record of where and how members of the University community use administrative systems for student information.  Once the inventory is completed, the information will be used to map current student administration solutions to their OneCarolina equivalents.

The Technical team is in process of updating the OneCarolina Inventory website and creating instructions on how to use it.  Once these are finalized, the team will begin working with University staff to build an up-to-date student systems inventory.  Prototype building of the OneCarolina Student system and Banner integration is scheduled to begin this summer.

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