University of South Carolina

Financial Aid Build Process Continues (July 26, 2010)

OneCarolina's Columbia Campus Financial Aid team is creating a foundation build for its Banner online Financial Aid system. A foundation build is a working prototype that can be used for testing, and forms the basis for other build activities.

In May, the FinAid team worked with representatives of SunGard Higher Education to create Business Process Models (BPM) of their proposed administrative system. The models were finalized in early July, and the core team began work on the foundation build. It will contain data for testing administrative functions, software navigation, and how students will interact with the data.

"We have been working with a copy of our financial aid data to build the model database," said Jean Gasparato, compliance and system implementation manager with the Columbia Office of Financial Aid. "This gives us a working database that allows us to run through all the functions that the Office of Financial Aid uses on a daily basis. We can also log in the same way students would to see the system from their perspective."

The core team will now meet with representatives from campuses around the University system to demonstrate the Banner Financial Aid prototype. Administrators will also see how to add their own data to build a comprehensive system.

"Eventually, with the help of the other campuses, we will build a complete database of financial aid for the entire University system," says Dave Brunner, principle process consultant for Sungard HE. "When the actual OneCarolina production system is up and running, we will be able to migrate the database we have built to the working system, and be ready to hit the ground running."

Full testing of the Banner Financial Aid system for OneCarolina is scheduled to begin in late August. 


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