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SunGardHE Hosts Roadmap Session at OneCarolina (November 16, 2010)

SunGard Higher Education recently hosted a Roadmap Technical Session at the University of South Carolina.  Over one hundred participants from higher education institutions across South Carolina participated in the event, which was held in the OneCarolina facilities in Columbia.

The Roadmap Session covered a number of upcoming changes and improvements to SunGard's Banner administrative software and Open Digital Campus suite of services. The session stressed technical advancements, but also covered a number of strategies for implementing student performance and management enhancements.

"The biggest benefit to us is seeing what's on the horizon," said Brad Holt, technical lead for OneCarolina. "Seeing where SunGard is going helps us make informed decisions on our current OneCarolina implementation processes. We can build the future into our plans now."

Speakers at the Roadmap Session were Darren Wesemann, SunGardHE's chief technology officer, and Brian Knotts, senior vice president of global architecture. They presented plans for a number of augmentations that will be added to SunGard's software suite. Some of the items stressed were features that link into the Federal Methodology Needs Analysis Service, the upcoming development of Banner mobile applications for smart phones, and an open-source development platform, called Community Source, for creating tailored applications.

"The Community Source concept is very important to us," said Barbara Blaney, University registrar. "It allows us to be creative in developing applications that are specific to what we do, and not be constrained by the larger software system. It will give our people some freedom to make our workflows more efficient."

Eleven State institutions of higher education joined representatives from various campuses of University of South Carolina and OneCarolina team members at the Session. All of the institutions have some form of Banner software running in their administrative systems, or are planning implementations.

"It was great to be able to meet with the other schools who are using this software," said Bob Swab, OneCarolina Project director. "As State schools, we have a lot of common issues to talk about. This whole session helped us share information and talk about more effective ways to plan for and use these new features."

The OneCarolina Project is currently in its Implementation phase. The technical infrastructure is being finalized, and core groups are beginning training and testing of administrative processes within the Banner software. Currently, the Admissions module of the Project is scheduled to go live next August, with modules for Student Services, Financial Aid, Finance, and Human Resources to follow.

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