University of South Carolina

OneCarolina Testing On Schedule

OneCarolina undergraduate admissions systems testing hit the halfway mark last week, and early returns are positive. Overall, the project team says it’s pleased with the progress made thus far.

As of now, 146 scenarios have been tested out of the 263 scheduled, resulting in a completion percentage of 55.5 percent. This is in line with the undergraduate systems testing schedule, which has a goal to complete all testing by the end of May. Campus admissions testing is scheduled to begin next week.

In layman’s terms, the OneCarolina testing process involves teams deciding which parts of the system they want to see operate in a real-world scenario – this usually involves a critical process or something that will affect a large number of users. For example, in Admissions this can be something like ensuring the application for new students is designed to accurately collect the information that’s needed for Admissions officials to make acceptance decisions.

After those critical steps within the system are identified, different scenarios are created that test those critical steps. The scenarios are loaded, the testers run through them, and results are logged for the team to analyze.

Systems testing will be considered a success once all critical defects have been addressed and less critical defects have, at the very least, a plan for resolution.

Admissions testing is scheduled to continue until the system goes live in July.  

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