University of South Carolina

Monthly system updates keep rolling along

Following hot on the heels of OneCarolina’s first major release in July, August’s OneCarolina system update is already history. Most notably, it allowed most campuses from across the University of South Carolina system to go live with their admissions components, representing yet another milestone reached for the multi-year technology initiative.

With the August update completed, sights are now set on the September release, which will include admissions functionality for Sumter, South Carolina College of Pharmacy, the School of Public Health, the Graduate School, and the Moore School. It will also add the ability to apply for in-state tuition. 

Meanwhile, the OneCarolina technical teams are refreshing their test systems with production data, cleaning up unwanted data (while preserving configurations in-process), and adding general student, transfer articulation, and academic history conversions. These conversions are incredibly important to the success of the project. Essentially, data used by the older legacy systems has to be modified so that it can be read, accessed, and leveraged by Banner. This makes the resulting system cleaner, more efficient, and more reliable.

August release details:

  • Business Processes / Functionality
    • Admit to Commit for the Campuses and Professional Schools
    • Automatic Application Load for Moore School, Pharmacy, School of Public Health, and Graduate School
    • Application Fee Online Payment
    • Establish credentials to log into Self Service Banner
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