Summer 2014
  • HR and Payroll begin design sessions as Finance moves on
    As scheduled, the OneCarolina Finance team wrapped up its Conference Room Pilot (CRP) sessions recently and has transitioned directly into the configuration and development portions of the project timeline.
  • OneCarolina staff hits 60, maintains consistency from first phase
    IT is a competitive industry, with turnover more often the norm than the exception. Keeping that in mind, it’s especially important for an ERP implementation like OneCarolina to not only attract quality people with experience and the ability to work in a fast-paced, milestone-driven environment, but to ensure that those hires stay see through go-live and (hopefully) beyond.
  • Leading universities report success with PeopleSoft

    While transitioning from legacy and paper-based systems to PeopleSoft will be a unique experience for the USC community, it’s reassuring to keep in mind that many other organizations have been in this spot before.


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