Summer 2013
New parking system scheduled to come online in July
 July 2, 2013

With the accounts receivable go-live approaching quickly, the attention of the OneCarolina project is now turning to some of the other vitally important systems that help USC operate on a daily basis. 

One of those areas is parking, which is scheduled for its big OneCarolina upgrade in early July.

Much like the registration and financial aid processes, the way students, faculty, and staff interact with the parking system will be drastically different after the changes are made. Just like those big-ticket systems, parking will be moving to a process that promises to be faster, more efficient, and more user-friendly for drivers looking to register their vehicles and park on campus.

The biggest incoming change is that the renewal of parking permits will no longer be done in VIP. Instead, students, faculty, and staff will visit and sign in using their VIP ID and password to manage their parking information. Once signed in, they will be able to apply for and renew parking permits, as well as pay and appeal citations. Even visitors will have the option to pay their tickets online.

And while drivers will still have the option to apply for permits and pay tickets in-person, using should prove to be far more convenient.

“We think this upgrade is very customer-focused, and we hope it serves everyone well as we move forward,” said Parking Director Bill Baker. 

The system is scheduled to come online during the first half of July, but drivers aren’t expected to start using the system in earnest until a little bit later this summer.


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