Fall 2013
Attention turning to human resources, finance, and payroll
 November 6, 2013

Even with the bow still being tied on OneCarolina Phase One, attention is quickly turning to the next installment in this critical implementation.

To wit, OneCarolina staff members are busy developing a comprehensive project plan for the next several years. This includes finalizing scope, identifying risks, mapping out schedules, and making final decisions on what’s going live and when.

“This is a critical time for Phase Two as we determine how these next few years are going to go,” said Howard Haynes, a project manager with OneCarolina. “Then, early next year, we’ll start adding some more people to the project and get going.”

OneCarolina Phase Two will include a comprehensive overhaul of the university system's finance, payroll, and human resources infrastructure. This includes the transition of accounts payable, procurement, payroll, and human resources functionality to an online, self-service environment.

Staff will use Oracle’s PeopleSoft software applications to do the vast majority of the work. When the USC Board of Trustees formally approved OneCarolina Phase Two at a board meeting last month, Oracle was chosen as the phase’s primary vendor. The company has been providing comprehensive business and industry solutions for over 25 years.

Work on Phase Two is expected to take several years and wrap up in 2016.


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