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Handheld Art

Handheld Art is a virtual learning environment for the classroom, encouraging interdisciplinary study by merging art and the humanities for K-12 education.

Handheld Art is revolutionizing how the humanities are taught in the classroom, organizing content knowledge in a creative way to support larger ideas known as Enduring Ideas. Partnered with the Columbia Museum of Art, Handheld Art allows K-12 educators to access, create, and manage lesson plans with corresponding art collections for a whole new way of learning.

Funded by the National Science Foundation via a PIRA award, the Handheld Technologies for Visual Culture project draws on the growth of mobile technologies to explore participatory learning within visual culture. Currently, the project explores the development of a prototype designed for students and teachers of secondary art, inviting them to discover, adapt, and invent new and existing methods of learning and teaching in response to evolving media technology and participatory culture.

Francois Boucher (1703-1770), "Joseph Presenting His Fathers and Brothers to the Pharaoh."