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Digital Humanities Projects

Networked Humanities

This project combines archival research and innovative digital methods to map the shared history of rhetoric in the disciplines of communication and English and find models for the future of American humanities education.

We deploy the archives of academic associations, departments, programs, and select individual scholars to discover both what conditions made the emergence of current disciplinary configurations possible, as well as what events promoted convergences and divergences that strengthened or weakened rhetoric scholarship in communication and English during the twentieth century. In addition to traditional archival research, we are deploying a database system that aggregates information found in the archives, allowing us to map and visualize the connections between individual scholars, programs, conferences, journals, and committees. The result of this project is not only a book detailing what the shared history of rhetoric in these two disciplines offers the future of the humanities, but also an online version of that database, which allows other scholars to explore the disciplinary history dynamically and visually, as well as add information about their own programs and intellectual genealogies. The digital component of this project is currently under development as an instance of a broader CDH software tool, the "Republic of Literature" or RL.