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Capstone Scholars

Events and Excursions

Capstone Scholars come to experience USC, not just attend it. We have year-round events to bring students together to learn new skills and, of course, have a blast.

Regular Events


Hot Cookie Friday

Sometimes you just need a cookie. Every other Friday during the school year we open up our office for cookies, milk and tons of games, from Bananagrams to Mario Kart. We also invite other offices around campus to join us!


Block Party

At Capstone, we begin the school year with a bang! We close off the parking lot between Columbia and Capstone Halls, and bring in a huge backyard barebecue. There is live music, inflatable games and more. 


Eat Like a Pro

Who doesn't want an excuse to be fancy? Pick up a few skills as a certified etiquette coach walks you through a three-course meal. Did we mention it's on the 17th floor of Capstone Hall?  Don't worry, we'll get the tab.