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Weather update: Columbia campus closed as of 7pm today, Jan. 17 and will reopen at 10 a.m., Jan. 18. Classes scheduled to begin before 10am canceled. See for updates.

Communications and Public Affairs

Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Staff Addy, Kara Senior Integrated Communications Strategist 803-777-7549
Staff Ahyi, Elise Director of Strategic Partnerships 803-777-7548
Staff Allen, Paul Marketing Technologist 803-777-7547
Staff Ash, Carolyn Administrative Coordinator 803-777-3683
Staff Avant, Brandi Designer 803-777-3698
Staff Barnhill, Laurie User Experience Designer 803-777-0915
Staff Belton, Michael Designer 803-777-5665
Staff Binette, Peggy Associate Director of Public Relations Senior News Writer 803-777-7704
Staff Brandhorst, Craig Senior Writer 803-777-3681
Staff Brunelli, John Public Relations Specialist 803-777-3697
Staff Burrack, Joshua Multimedia and Videography Coordinator 803-777-0138
Staff Cook, Dan Content Strategist 803-777-7366
Staff Craft, Mary-Kathryn Communications Manager, College of Arts and Sciences 803-576-6195
Staff Crotts, Neal Content Management Specialist Quality Assurance Specialist
Staff Dyke, Katherine Integrated Communications Strategist 803-777-7544
Staff Ettlemyer, Michael Communications Manager, Engineering and Computing 803-777-2576
Staff Foxworth, Tiffany Director of Operations 803-777-7543
Staff Gardner-Jones, Kathy Associate Director, Presidential Communications 803-777-4012
Staff Harman, Thom Writer 803-777-7705
Staff Harvey, Chip Web Information Architect 803-777-8585
Staff Hernandez, Amanda Writer 803-777-3078
Staff Hickman, Wes Chief Communications Officer 803-777-7440
Staff Horn, Chris Director, Writers Group 803-777-3687
Staff Huggins, J.C. Director of Brand Strategy 803-777-2574
Staff Ivey, Page Digital Communications Coordinator 803-777-3085
Staff Jackson, Hope Business Analyst 803-777-1899
Staff Jackson, Nina Internal Communications 803-777-7648
Staff Kammerer, Laura Writer 803-777-4731
Staff Lake, CJ Social Media Strategist 803-777-7709
Staff Massey, Kimberley Senior Designer 803-777-5013
Staff McPhail, Kathryn Communications Manager, Education 803-777-8841
Staff Pearce, Larry Special Assistant for Special Projects 803-777-3696
Staff Schmolze, Peter Web Developer 803-777-0046
Staff Sexton, Megan Writer 803-777-1421
Staff Spring, Melissa Director of Owned Media 803-777-0759
Staff Stensland, Jeff Director of Public Relations 803-777-3686
Staff Strayer, Michael Director of Communications Resources 803-777-2246
Staff Truett, Kimberley Photographer 803-777-3627
Staff Turner, Julie Web Content Writer 803-777-1716
Staff Turner, Karla Web Content Writer 803-777-9813
Staff Valentine, John Associate Director for Market Planning and Research 803-777-5039
Staff Wallace, Allen Communications Manager, HRSM 803-777-5667
Staff Wertz, Bob Associate Director of Visual Branding 803-777-2946
Staff Wimberly, Brinnan Designer 803-777-7208
Staff Woodward, Dana Events Promotion Coordinator 803-777-3691
Staff Wuchenich, Kathy Executive Assistant and Business Manager 803-777-7440
Staff Yancey, Alyssa Communications Manager, Medicine 803-216-3302