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Communications and Public Affairs

Highlight Box

The highlight box is a great way to call attention to content in the main region of your page.

  • The highlight box sets off text within your page using a gray box. It can include subheads, text and line links. These boxes should have one topic and only use one box per page. Keep in mind that when these highligh boxes are used at the top of the page the highlight box becomes the most dominate element on the page. 

    Because this are such a dominate element, avoid using it for long paragraph and try to keep it to 4 or 5 lines. The highlight box is great for content towards the bottom of the page, when things have the possibility of getting lost in the rest of the text.

  • Grid Placeholder



Not for Navigation

The hightligh box is meant for calling out important information, not to become a secondary navigation within the page. Avoid using it for anchor tags to navigate within the page.