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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Faculty and Staff Involvement

As faculty and staff, your unique perspectives and contributions bring immeasurable value to the university community. 

Use these diversity and inclusion resources to support your personal and professional needs and to enhance to your professional growth and development as teachers, researchers, mentors and leaders.

Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

The president's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee is a cross-section of faculty, staff and students, and was established to provide direction to Chief Diversity Officer John Dozier and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. They represent your voice as members of the UofSC community, so please contact one of the committee co-chairs with any diversity-related questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

David Simmons, chairperson / associate professor, Anthropology

Black Faculty Caucus 

The Black Faculty Caucus of the University of South Carolina exists to promote a strong sense of community, professional welfare, professional development and advocacy for Black faculty and the issues and/or university communities that concern and affect them. For more information, please feel free to contact:

Lucy Annang Ingram, Ph.D., chairperson
Phone: 803-777-7096

Qiana Whitted, Ph.D., vice chairperson and treasurer
Phone: 803-777-2012

Tisha Felder, Ph.D.
Phone: 803-777-9830

Terrance Weik, Ph.D.
Phone: 803-777-6789

Dianne Johnson, Ph.D.
Phone: 803-466-5646

Faculty Welfare Committee 

The Faculty Welfare Committee considers university policies and the enforcement of policies regarding the welfare of the faculty, such as faculty salaries, other compensation and benefits, and any matters affecting the workplace environment.

James Knapp,
 chair, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Phone: 803-777-6886 

Interfaith Advisory Council 

For more information about the Interfaith Advisory Council, please contact:  

Megan Colascione, coordinator
Phone: 803-777-6688

Jewish Faculty and Staff Council

For more information about the Jewish Faculty and Staff Council, please contact:

Adam M. Schor, Ph.D., convener
Phone: 803-777-1690

Latino/a & Hispanic Faculty Caucus

For more information abou the Latino/a & Hispanic Faculty Caucus, please contact:

Myriam Torres, chair
Phone: 803-777-2598

David Cardenas, vice chair/treasure
Phone: 803-777-5120

Julia Lopez-Robertson, secretary
Phone: 803-777-2901

Paula Vasquez, member at large
Phone: 803-777-2632

Toni Torres-McGehee, member at large
Phone: 803-777-7745

Provost’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Issues

The Provost’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Issues (PACWI) assesses current policies, recommends new policies and procedures, focuses on areas that need improvement and provides opportunities to enhance the quality of USC's campus community. 

Robin DiPietro, faculty co-chair

Marguerite O'Brien, staff co-chair

Queer Faculty and Staff Caucus  

For more information about the Queer Faculty and Staff Caucus, please contact: 

Ed Madden, Ph.D.
Phone: 803-777-4008

Council of Academic Diversity Officers

Each college or school has a diversity officer who reports to the dean. Diversity officers develop and implement unit-level strategic plans for diversity and inclusion focusing on composition, achievement, engagement and inclusion as the attributes of their inclusion efforts. Unit-level diversity officers also work closely with the university's chief diversity officer as (collectively) the Council of Academic Diversity Officers to support and advance university equity, inclusion and diversity efforts.

College of Arts and Sciences
Tracey Weldon-Stewart
, Ph.D., associate dean for diversity and inclusion
Phone: 803-777-4203

Darla Moore School of Business
Alice Leri, Ph.D., associate dean for diversity and inclusion
Phone: 803-404-4374

College of Education
Margo Jackson, M.A.T.
Phone: 803-777-4717

College of Engineering and Computing
Csilla Farkas, Ph.D., associate dean for diversity, engagement and inclusion
Phone: 803-576-5762

College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
Tena Crews, Ed.D., associate dean of diversity and operations
Phone: 803-777-6171

College of Information and Communications
Shirley Staples Carter, Ph.D.
Phone: 803-777-3324

School of Law
Susan Kuo, J.D., associate dean for diversity and inclusion
Phone: 803-777-3597

School of Medicine - Columbia
Carol McMahon, M.D., associate dean for diversity and inclusion
Phone: 803-733-3319

School of Medicine - Greenville
Brenda Thames, Ed.D., associate dean for institutional culture and inclusivity
Phone: 803-777-9216

School of Music
Ronald Davis, Ph.D., associate dean for equity, diversity and inclusion
Phone: 803-777-6059

College of Nursing
Tisha Felder, Ph.D., director of equity, diversity and inclusion
Phone: 803-777-9830

Arnold School of Public Health
David Simmons, Ph.D., associate dean of diversity, inclusion and equity
Phone: 803-777-7096

College of Social Work
Ben Roth, Ph.D.
Phone: 803-777-9352

South Carolina Honors College
Kim Simmons, Ph.D., associate dean for recruiting, diversity and inclusion
Phone: 803-777-0822

Department of Athletics
Maria Hickman, associate athletic director
Phone: 803-777-6321