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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Committee

Representing a cross-section of the student, faculty and staff population, the diversity committee is led by Chairperson David Simmons, and reports directly to President Harris Pastides.

Name Title Contact Information
Simmons, David
Diversity Committee Chairperson
Faculty / Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion / Arnold School of Public Health
Anderson, Christian
Faculty / Co-Chairperson, Faculty Welfare Committee
Byrd, Audria Student /Co- President, Students Invested in Change
Claypoole, Jack Staff / Executive Director, My Carolina Alumni Association
Copeland, Clayton Facutly / Diversity Leadership Group / School of Library and Information Science
Dozier, John Staff / Chief Diversity Officer / Director, Community Engagement
Foster, Kirk Faculty / Faculty Adviser, Individuals Respecting Identities and Sexualities
Gambrell, Jacori Student / President, Association of African American Students
Gist, Bobby Staff / Director, Equal Opportunity Programs
Gunn, Anton Alumni
Ingram, Lucy Faculty / Chairperson, Black Faculty Caucus
Jackson, Margo Faculty / Chairperson, College of Education Diversity Committee
Jackson, Moryah  Staff / Assistant Director, Diversity and Inclusion / Community Engagement
Kelly, Mike Staff / Chief Data Officer, University of South Carolina
L'Hommedieu, Andrea  Faculty / Co-Chairperson, Faculty Welfare Committee
Lever, William Student / Secretary of Greek Affairs, Student Government
Lewis, Morgan Student / Co-Chairperson, Students Invested in Change
Littlefield, Valinda Faculty / Director, African American Studies
Madden, Ed Faculty / Chairperson, Faculty and Staff Queer Caucus
Malone, Shay Staff / Director, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
Alba Maydeu Student / Secretary, Multicultural Student Affairs
McClamrock, Kaitlin Student / President, Individuals Respecting Identities and Sexualities
Murray, Rashaun Student / President, National Pan Hellenic Council
Naser, Bethany Staff / Director, New Student Orientation
O'Brien, Marguerite
Staff / Co-Chairperson, Provost's Advisory Committee on Women's Issues / Director, Wellness, Prevention and Advocacy Services
Parks, Michael Student / Student Body President
Pettus, Karen Staff / Director, Student Disability Services
Pritt, Jody  Staff / Director, International Student Services
Santos, Theodore Student / President, Trans Student Alliance
Schor, Adam Faculty /  Convener, Jewish Faculty and Staff Council
Shimizu, Linda Faculty / Co-Chairperson, Provost's Advisory Committee on Women's Issues
Simmons, Kimberly Staff / Honors College
Snyder, David Faculty / Faculty Principal, Maxcy College
Stuhrenberg, Joe Student / President Fraternity Council
Torres, Myriam  Facutly / Chairperson, Latino/a & Hispanic Faculty Caucus
Troxell, Brooke Student / President, Femenist Collective
Villalta, Janelys Student / President, Latino American Student Association
Weems, Andy  Staff / Chairperson, Carolina Chaplains Association
Williams, Justin Alumni