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Video Clip Friday Archive

"Video Clip Friday" Archive

Start programming with the Raspberry Pi - The Raspberry Pi was developed to help individuals learn fundamental computing skills.

Wearable technology for pets - Wearable tech will allow you to monitor the health of your pets.

Using our thought to control devices - Researchers have developed a way to allow only our thoughts to manipulate external devices.

The first ever lab-grown burger - Could this be the future of beef production?

The Interspecies Internet - The interspecies internet could allow us to communicate not only with animals, but extraterrestrials.

BLAST - Brownout Landing Aid System Technology - BLAST lets helicopter pilots know what is around them when environmental factors prohibit their regular vision.

Hands-free Gloveless Sensor - See the possibilities of wearable technology with this device that frees your hand from having to use a controller.

"Stealth Ink" - "Stealth ink" now allows people to identify manufacturing information for individual products without visual distraction.

"Privacy Visor" - These "privacy visors" use LED's to deter facial-recognition cameras and software.

Flexible Displays for Smartphones - The "MorePhone" can change its shape to alert the phone's owner of incoming information.

A tactile interface - Will our interfaces of the future be flexible?

A dexterous robotic hand - Watch a robotic hand manipulate many different objects.

Using code to map the nematode - Explore the first comprehensive computational model of a roundworm.

The world's smallest movie - Watch individual atoms be moved sequentially.

The world's smallest flying robot takes off - See these insect-scale machines take flight.

MIT develops fog-free glass - Will we finally have glasses that we don't need to clean?

Waterproofing digital devices - Chemically bonded monomers are being sprayed on to devices to waterproof them.  

Are you tired of making your bed? - One company has attempted to remedy the situation of messy, unmade beds.

Will you be able to smell your tv soon? - Learn what researchers are doing to rekindle the idea of supplementing video with scent.

3D Scans as a Commodity - See Microsoft Kinect and a smartphone create 3D scans.

Texting and Language - Reconsider your opinions about texting with this interesting talk.

A Bionic Eye to Fix Blindness? - Individuals have already had retinal prostheses added to their eyes to help with a particular kind of blindness. 

A Touchscreen that Changes Shape? - Tactus Technology has devised a touchscreen that raises points on the surface of digital keyboards.

Paintable, Spray-On Batteries? - Did you ever think you would see the day when electricity could be sprayed on to a surface?  Watch this video and believe it- or not.

Wearable Technology, 2013 - Wearable technology is predicted to enter higher education in several years time- watch this video from Bloomberg News and see what the consumer market is offering as of January 2013 at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Near Field Communications for Air Travel - Near Field Communications (NFC) is an emerging technology that can change how travelers check in and board a plane - see how it works in this video.

Twitter Visualization Showing the Spread of Flu - Watch a heatmap visualization stemming from research at Rochester that shows the spread of flu in New York City over the course of a day.  

TeleHuman and BodiPod Holographic Displays - See what videoconferencing could be like in the future with TeleHuman.  Rethink medical education with BodiPod.

Visualizations With The Allosphere - Watch what it is like to step inside the Allosphere, a giant metal sphere in which you are surrounded by 3D visualizations.

 "Printed Optics" - See what Disney Research has been working may change the way you think about the everyday devices you use.

"Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos Photosynth" - You'll never look at the photographs you take the same after seeing Blaise Aguera's technology that combines photos taken of objects to create viewable 3D images.