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Two-Day Training in Topic Modeling and Text Analysis

Join the Center for Digital Humanities October 10-11 for a Two-Day Training in Topic Modeling and Text Analysis with visiting lecturer Ted Underwood.

The description from the Center for Digital Humanities reads as follows:

We are pleased to announce that there will be a brief, intensive training in methods of topic modeling with visiting lecturer Ted Underwood, Professor of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Underwood is a leading practitioner of this cutting-edge form of text analysis, focusing especially on computational methods of periodization and genre classification. He is most recently the author of Why Literary Periods Mattered: Historical Contrast and the Prestige of English Studies. Earlier this year, Underwood was awarded an NEH grant to fund development of his related project, "Understanding Genre in a Collection of a Million Volumes."

Underwood will give a two-session intensive training on Thursday and Friday mornings October 10-11, for 10 participants. Each session will last approximately 2 hours. Participants may be USC faculty, staff or students from any level (undergraduate, Master's or PhD). The two sessions are cumulative and participants must attend both. All participants will read one foundational, short, common text (TBA) prior to the training. Participants may bring their own data set (text corpus) to work on in the training, but the main focus will be on analyzing a common corpus shared among the group. Priority admission to the training will be given to applicants who already have some familiarity with topic modeling or other methods of digital text analysis.

Questions should be directed to Colin Wilder, associate director of the Center for Digital Humanities ( To apply, please send an email with your name, position or status at USC, level of familiarity with text analysis or topic modeling, and a 200 word description of your project or interest. All applications must be received by Thursday, October 3. There will be a small registration fee associated with the training.

Sponsored by the Center for Digital Humanities, Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina.