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Digital Brown Bag Lecture: Mapping Slavery in Antebellum Columbia with Geographic Information Systems

Join the Center for Digital Humanities to hear Evan Kutzler discuss his Digital History project on slavery in antebellum Columbia using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The event will be held Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 12:30 PM in the Thomas Cooper Library Mezzanine Conference Room.

Event Description:

Kutzler will discuss his Digital History project on slavery in antebellum Columbia, which uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS software is a useful way to organize multiple layers of data and present them on a single map or a series of thematic maps. This talk will discuss how the website, Slavery at South Carolina College: The Origins of the University of South Carolina, incorporated GIS maps. Kutzler will also consider the opportunities and challenges of using GIS on a city-wide scale. Combining an 1850 map of Columbia, an edited parcel map of the modern city, and the 1850 Federal Slave Schedule provides a new way to look at urban slavery. However, the software and the data create problems that are not easily resolved. Hopefully, this will facilitate a conversation about using maps to organize traditional sources in new ways.

Coffee will be provided, along with a cookie or two.

archive of videos of DBB sessions: (scroll down)

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