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High Performance Computing Lecture

Dr. Melissa Smith, Associate Professor in the College of Engineering and Science at Clemson University, will be visiting USC on August 9 with three of her graduate students. They will be presenting topics including heterogeneous HPC systems, computer architecture, and security using FPGAs and GPUs. The presentations will be held in Amoco Hall in Swearingen from 1:30 – 3pm.

The talks on Friday will include:

  • Performance modeling for heterogeneous HPC systems
  • Applications to Architectures Taxonomy
  • Anti-key logging with GPUs
  • SNORT on FPGAs
  • Ultra Low Power Resilient Architectures

The event is open to all and will be of particular interest to people in computer science and engineering.

When: Friday, August 9th from 1:30-3pm

Where: Amoco Hall, Swearingen Engineering Center