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Weather update: The Columbia campus will have a delayed opening until 10 am tomorrow, Jan. 18. This applies to all offices. Classes scheduled to begin before 10 am are canceled. Classes scheduled to begin at or after 10 am will take place as scheduled. See for updates See for updates.

University Foundations


The standing committees of the Educational Foundation Board are the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and the Foundations Investment Committee. 

Executive Committee

Boyd B. Jones, Chair
Rita B. Caughman, Vice Chair
James Bennett, Secretary/Treasurer
C. John Wentzell, Chair Emeritus
Kenda M. Laughey, Finance Committee Chair
J. Allen Wright, Foundations Investment Committee Chair
Russell H. Meekins (Ex Officio)

Finance Committee

Kenda M. Laughey, Chair
Patti H. Addison
James Bennett
Rita B. Caughman
Traci Young Cooper
Sharon I. Eden
Frances Gardner
Boyd B. Jones
William (Wes) W. Jones, Jr.
S. Stanley Juk, Jr.
Sandra J. Kelly
W. Haigh Porter
Jeff P. Spears
Tony Tam
C. John Wentzell

Joint Foundations Investment Committee

J. Allen Wright, Chair
James (Jim) P. Barrow
Thomas (Tom) C. Deas, Jr.
R. Keith Elliott
John Jonson
Boyd B. Jones
W.C. Hammett
John Wentzell