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Gamecock Gateway

Academic Calendar

Plan ahead for these important dates throughout your fall and spring semesters.

Gamecock Gateway Student Calendar 2017 - 2018

Because Gamecock Gateway students take classes on the Midlands Technical College (MTC) campuses, your academic calendar is different from the USC academic calendar.

Fall 2017

Date Event
August 16 Gamecock Gateway Move-In Day
August 16-21 Gamecock Gateway Welcome Week
August 22 MTC Fall Classes Begin
August 24 USC Fall Classes Begin
September 4 Labor Day Holiday (USC and MTC closed, no USC-to-MTC shuttle)
September 14 MTC Fast Track Classes End
September 19 MTC 10-Week Classes Begin
October 6 MTC Fall I Classes End
October 9-10 MTC Fall Break (Bates House open, no MTC classes, no USC-to-MTC shuttle)
October 11-12 MTC Fall I Exams
October 16 MTC Fall II Classes begin
October 19-20 USC Fall Break (MTC classes continue, USC-to-MTC shuttle continues, Bates House open)
November 22 Bates House Closes at 10 a.m. for Thanksgiving Holiday
November 22-24 USC & MTC Thanksgiving Break
November 24 Bates House Reopens at 8 p.m.
December 4 MTC Fall & 10-Week Classes End 
December 5 MTC Fall II & FJ II Classes End
December 5 Last Day of Regular USC-to-MTC Shuttle Service
December 6 MTC Fall and 10-Week Classes End
December 6-7,
December 11-12
MTC Fall Exams (USC-to-MTC exam shuttle schedule)
December 13 Gamecock Gateway Portions of Bates House Close at 10 a.m. for Winter Break;
Fall Grades Posted to MyMTC by 3 p.m. (no USC-to-MTC shuttle)


Spring 2018

Date Event 
January TBD Date Residence Halls Reopen at 8 a.m.
January 10 MTC Spring Classes Begin
January 15 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (USC and MTC closed, no USC-to-MTC shuttle)
February 1 MTC Fast Track Classes End; MTC Fast Track Exams
February 13 MTC 10-Week Classes Begin
February 27 MTC Spring I & FJ I Classes End
February 28,
March 1
MTC Spring I & FJ I Exams
March 5 MTC Spring II Classes Begin
March 10 Bates House Closes at 10 a.m. for Spring Break
March 12-16 USC & MTC Spring Break (Bates House closed, no shuttle service)
March 18 Bates House Reopens at 10 a.m.
April 27 MTC Spring II & FJ II Classes End
April 30 MTC & USC Last Day of Classes, Last Day of Regular USC-to-MTC Shuttle Service
May 1-3,
May 7-8
MTC Spring Exams (USC-to-MTC exam shuttle schedule)
May 8 Gateway Portions of Gates House Close, Students Must Move Out by 10 a.m.;
Final Spring Grades Posted in MyMTC by 3 p.m.