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Preston Residential College

Green Thumbs

The members of Green Thumbs are dedicated to inspiring growth within communities through the hands-on experience of gardening.

Preston students can engage in horticulture to experience the fun and sense of responsibility that comes from nurturing our environment. We are stewards of community areas including two vegetable plots (affectionately named Kale Yeah and Mint to Be), our backyard of beautiful flowers, and a meditation garden that brings a sense of peace to Preston residents.


Meet Our Student Leaders

Josh Roper

Josh Roper, Head Gardener

Josh is a second-year Preston student from Columbia, South Carolina. He is a sophomore, majoring in electrical engineering and this is his inaugural year leading the Green Thumbs. An experienced gardener, planting vegetables and herbs has been Josh's hobby since he was in elementary school. Before he joined Preston, he learned how to maintain large gardens by working on a neighbor's land.