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Preston Residential College

Preston Ambassadors

The first smile you see at Preston might be from one of our ambassadors. We are proud of our campus and want to make sure you have the best experience possible while you are here.

Preston Ambassadors regularly provide tours to prospective students and their families each semester, often showing Preston to more than 600 guests in one day. The group is guided by thePreston Ambassador Constitution [pdf]. The team also hosts social events throughout the year, including our traditional Cereal Killers and Sundaes on Sunday events as well as plans the Gatsby Banquet and Awards Ceremony, an unforgettable annual end-of-the-year celebration.


Meet Our Student Leaders

Casey Hamlin

Casey Hamlin, Chair

Casey is a sophomore political science student originally from Old Forge, New York. He serves as chair of the Preston Ambassadors and previously served as vice chair of the Preston Ambassadors and as Hall Representative in Hall Government. He was elected to represent his College of Arts and Sciences peers in the Student Senate where he was also elected vice chair of the Safety and Transportation Committee. He is a member of Turning Point USA and the USC College Republicans.