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Division of Human Resources

E-Verify FAQs

I-9 Form

When must Form I-9 be completed?

Form I-9 can be completed as early as the date an offer of employment is accepted, but must be completed no later than the first day an employee reports to work.

What can I do if an employee is unable to provide supporting documents?

If an employee is unable to provide the documents that prove identification and eligibility to work by the first day of employment, the employee should not be allowed to start work.

There are three documents on Form I-9 that are the same on both List B and List C. Does this mean that the employee may present one of those documents to prove both identity and employment authorization?

Three documents can be found in both List B and List C: a Native American tribal document, the U.S. Citizen Identification Card (Form I-97) and the Identification Card for the Use of Resident Citizen in the United States (Form I-179). If an employee presents any one of these documents, it establishes both identity and employment authorization on Form I-9, so you do not need any other documents from the employee to complete Section 2 of Form I-9.

What should I do if I rehire a person who previously completed a Form I-9?

If the employee's Form I-9 was valid at the time of hire and the individual's break in employment is less than 12 months, no further action is required. However, double check expiration dates on documents cited on a foreign national's original Form I-9 since further action is required if cited documents no longer have valid dates. No new E-Verify is required.

What are some examples of status changes that require completion of a new Form I-9?

Here are two examples of a change in status that require a new Form I-9:

  1. Change from student (graduate or undergraduate) status to faculty or staff status
  2. An individual who previously completed Form I-9 for a DEPS position who will be hired into a temporary, TFAC, or FTE position


Where do I go to begin using E-Verify?

To begin using E-Verify, log into the Department of Homeland Security website

I encountered a problem when trying to log into the Department of Homeland Security website, what should I do?

Print out the screen indicating that there is a problem with the website. If the problem persists, email the Salary Administration Office at to report the problem.

What should I do if I forget my password or become locked out of the system?

Follow the instructions on the Password User Administration Sheet.

When do I complete the E-Verify?

E-Verify must be completed when an offer of employment is accepted or no later than the close of business on the third day after the employee’s actual start date.

What does the "Hire Date" field in E-Verify represent?

The "Hire Date" field in E-Verify represents the date the employee accepts an offer of employment or the date that Form I-9 is completed. The system will generate an error message if you enter a future date because E-Verify is designed to prevent the screening of employees before they actually accept an employment offer. The hire date may be the actual "start date" if Form I-9 is completed on this date.

Is E-Verify required each time a Form I-9 is completed?

Only a single E-Verify needs to be performed as long as an individual remains employed. For example, someone moving from a temporary position to an FTE position who had E-Verify done when they entered the temporary position does not need E-Verify repeated.

If a TFAC is hired in Fall 2013 and a Form I-9 is completed and she/he leaves and doesn't return until Fall 2015, are both Form I-9 and E-Verify required?

In this case, both Form I-9 and E-Verify are required because the individual would no longer have a valid Form I-9 on file because the break in employment exceeded one year.

I need more clarification on E-Verify's three-day rule. For example, if someone starts work on Monday, when is the last day E-Verify can be done?

In this example, E-Verify must be done by Thursday.

E-Verify requires entry of a Social Security number (SSN). Will international students and scholars who are waiting for their SSN be able to receive compensation prior to receiving their Social Security card?

Yes. For students, you will need to follow the guidelines for Hiring an International Student [pdf]. For international faculty and staff, please call the International Support for Faculty and Staff Office at 803-777-0288. 

Remember to periodically check with the employee about receipt of the Social Security card. When the card is received by the International Support for Faculty and Staff Office or the employee, an updated Form I-9 and E-Verify should be completed and submitted to the Salary Administration Office, located at 1600 Hampton Street, Suite 804, Columbia, S.C. 29208.

Who should I contact if I have a question about E-Verify?

You should contact the Salary Administration Office by emailing or calling 803-777-3111. Email is the best method of contact to ensure you receive a timely response.

Faculty/Staff and E-Verify

Do temporary hires need to be verified if they are being reappointed?

You do not need to verify continuing temporary hires (Temp/TFAC).

We have employees in research grant positions who renew every year. These positions do not occupy an FTE, but they are renewed annually without the two week wait between appointments. Do we need to E-Verify these renewal employees?

No, you do not need to verify continuing employees in research grant positions.

If an employee has experienced a one-year break in service, must a new Form I-9 and E-Verify be completed?


What are the E-Verify guidelines for retirement and termination?

When an employee retires or terminates and later comes back to work at UofSC, a new Form I-9 and E-Verify must be completed.

Student Employees and E-Verify 

Will all students who currently have completed an I-9 in our system need to be verified as they are rehired?

No, you do not need to E-verify continuing student employees.

Will all students who have not previously been hired by the University need to be verified as they are hired?

Yes, E-Verify must be used to verify all newly hired employees of the University.

Student employees terminate at the end of most semesters and are rehired. Given this, how can I determine who has a valid Form I-9 in the system?

When a student is hired on PBP-3 or PBP-3G, the Form I-9 date will show up in VIP if there is a valid Form I-9 on file. If no Form I-9 is on file, the system will generate a message that Form I-9 is needed.