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Division of Human Resources

Hiring Floaters

Occasionally, there are times when university departments need temporary assistance to help keep the office running smoothly. 

The Division of Human Resources maintains a pool of employees, commonly referred to as “floaters”. These employees may be assigned to departments during times of unusual, temporary need. Most of our floaters have two years of administrative experience, above average typing skills and are experienced in Microsoft Office.

How To Request a Floater

To request a floater for your department, complete a Request For Floater Assistance [pdf] and mail it to the Recruitment and Employment Office, located at 1600 Hampton Street, Suite 117, Columbia S.C. 29208, or fax it to 803-777-0302. Please be sure completed forms include the department head's signature.

Once your request form is received, the floater services supervisor will contact you to confirm the availability of a floater. If you have an immediate need, please call the Recruitment and Employment Office at 803-777-3821. 

Daily Rates

IIT's are submitted monthly to departments to cover charges for floater services (Saturday and Sunday are included in weekly billing). 

Time Present Hours Charge To Department
1/4 Day (0.25) 0-2 $30.00
1/2 Day (0.5) 2-4 $60.00
3/4 Day (0.75) 4-6 $90.00
1 Day (Full Day) 6-8 $120.00
1 1/4 Day (1.25) 8-10 $150.00
1 1/2 Day (1.5) 10-12 $180.00