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Division of Human Resources

Posting a Job Vacancy

Once your position description has been approved by Salary Administration or you have determined the position description on file is accurate, you are prepared to create the online requisition on USC Jobs.

Most positions are required to be advertised on the USC Jobs online system including all full-time equivalent (FTE) classified and unclassified staff positions, as well as all research grant (RGP) and time-limited (TL) positions.

USC Jobs Online System Training

To learn how to log into the USC Jobs online system, and how to create and manage position descriptions, please review the the USC Jobs training slideshow. You may also want to consider attending one of our training classes. Check the availability by searching our calendar or class list by subject

Important Note:  Please refer to new information in the HR Toolbox titled PeopleAdmin Upgrade. Job postings, hiring actions and some HR business processes will be affected after GoLive of the new system in Summer of 2017. 

How to Create the Electronic Requisition/Posting

To create the requisition, log into USC Jobs and select from Template, Position Description or Historical (when available) in the main menu (on the left side).

  • You may search by position number, title or classification for the position for which you would like to create a requisition.
  • From the Search Results locate the position, select "Create" and fill in the required, unpopulated fields. You will have the ability to edit some fields on requisition. 
    Note: The Salary Administration Office recommends that you copy and paste from the position description when creating requisitions.
  • The hiring manager should add preferred qualifications and specific job related questions which the applicant will be required to answer as they apply for the position.
  • The Office of Recruitment and Employment will add education and experience related questions which are used for filtering out candidates who do not meet the minimum erquirements. 

Departmental Users

Anyone whose name appears on the right-side in the Interviewer/Search Committee, Chair/Delegate box on the requisition as “Selected” has the ability to modify the posting details and to access all applicants.

If there is a search committee, or if you want to grant access to a user that is not listed as a Departmental User, you should activate a Guest User account. You will be asked to create a password that will entitle someone to access the system for the sole purpose of viewing applicants for this posting only.

How to Gain Approval to Post and Recruit

When you have completed all required fields of the requisition, submit the requisition for approval via the appropriate personnel. Note: Please consult with your HR Contact to determine your departmental workflow and approval process.

Once approved, the division departmental head/dean/VP submits the requisition to Salary Administration for review. If the division departmental head/dean/VP does not approve the requisition or if the requisition requires edits, it can be returned to the hiring manager.

The Salary Administration Office will review the requisition and compare with the position description on file to ensure consistency. If the requisition requires editing, it may be returned to the hiring manager. Once approved by the Salary Administration Office, it is forwarded to the Recruitment and Employment Office for review and posting.

All requisitions are required to be posted for 7 calendar days to include a minimum of 5 working days.

If you have specific questions or concerns about posting a job vacancy or the USC Jobs online system, please contact the Office of Recruitment and Employment by emailing or calling 803-777-3821.

Recruitment Services and Outside Advertisements

Positions should be posted on the USC Jobs online system before being sent out to any other sources.

Departments may advertise in other sources with prior approval of the Recruitment and Employment Office. Please be prepared to provide notification of where and what information is being advertised outside of the university. Departments should include diversity recruitment sources [pdf] when advertising. 

The Recruitment and Employment Office attends local job fair events on behalf of the university. To explore these opportunities or for additional details about recruitment services and job sites, please contact the Recruitment and Employment Office at 803-777-3821 or email