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Division of Human Resources

LEAD 2 (Effective Management Programs) - Optional

This supervisory certificate program is optional and consists of seven core courses and six hours of elective courses. There are a total of 28.5 classroom hours that should be completed within three years. Some LEAD 2 courses may have costs associated with them.

Core Courses

The core curriculum for LEAD 2 includes the following seven courses that must be taken with six additional hours of electives:

  • Communication Skills for Managers (3 classroom hours)
  • Generational Differences in the Workplace (3.5 classroom hours)
  • Conflict Resolution Skills (3.5 classroom hours)
  • Team Management (3.5 classroom hours)
  • Cross Cultural Communications (3 classroom hours)
    This course replaces the Cultural Competence for Managers and Supervisors course
  • Writing Effective Position Descriptions (3 classroom hours)
  • Effective Delegation (3 classroom hours)


In addition to the core curriculum above, all LEAD 2 participants must complete at least six hours of additional elective courses from the list below:

  • Presenting for Results – Parts I & II (8 classroom hours)
  • Managing Student Employees (3 classroom hours)
  • Employee Recognition (3 classroom hours)
  • Training and Developing Employees (3 classroom hours)
  • Motivation in the Workplace (3 classroom hours)
  • Developing Performance Metrics (3 classroom hours)
  • Coaching for Improved Performance – Part II (3.5 classroom hours)
  • Team Management – Part II (3.5 classroom hours)
  • *NEW* Lean Process Improvement Basics (3 classroom hours)
    Lean is a set of principles and methods used to identify and eliminate waste in any process. Lean helps organizations improve the speed and quality of their processes by getting rid of unnecessary activity such as document errors, extra process steps and waiting time. In this workshop, you will learn the basic principles and practices of the Lean methodology. You will also be introduced to the university’s Lean Community of Practice and discover how you can collaborate with other Lean practitioners to improve our work processes. 

Certificate of Completion 

Participants in LEAD 2 are expected to direct and manage their own progress toward their certificate. You can monitor your progress by logging in and viewing your training records. Use the Certificate of Completion Checklist [pdf] to help keep track of your progress. Once you have fulfilled the requirements of the program, contact the Organizational and Professional Development Office, and we will send you a certificate after your attendance has been verified.  

How to Register

Register by going to the Organizational and Professional Development training calendar and searching for the class you want to attend. For more details, review “How to Register for a Course” by visiting the Training Classes page of our site.

Please remember, employees should always obtain supervisory approval to attend training courses offered through Organizational and Professional Development.