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Russell House University Union on Greene Street

Leadership and Service Center

New Student Union Project

Student voice is the driving force of our great university, and students will lead the planning and programmatic design of our next capital initiative, a new student union. The New Student Union Project will identify the role of the student union on our campus and its important impact on our campus culture. 

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We invite you to be part of the conversation by submitting questions, giving us your ideas and dreams or sharing a favorite memory of your time at the Russell House.



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The New Student Union Steering Committee wants your ideas and dreams for planning and programmatic design for the university’s next building project! An energetic and vibrant hub of the University of South Carolina campus since 1950, the Russell House University Union is expanding to the Carolina Coliseum. Be part of the conversation by responding to this short, two-minute survey!


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Student Steering Committee 

Molly Beman

Molly Beman, Public Health (2019) 

"I am so excited to see the University of South Carolina take on this new project and emerge as a leader among other colleges and universities in terms of student unions. I'm looking forward to working to accommodate the changing needs of students and predicting what those needs might be in 30 years. I love the history and traditions of the University of South Carolina, and I am looking forward to finding ways to incorporate our past with the current and future needs of students." Contact Molly.

Ngozi Chukwueke

Ngozi Chukwueke, Business (2020)

"The student union is one of the first places a student learns. Students come to the student union to laugh, to eat, and to study, but most of all, to form a strong sense of community among their peers. The student union gives a university its character. It’s the heartbeat of campus, an automatic safe space, and the hub of campus life. Students of all walks of life should feel like they have a place to build community, which is why diversity of programs and services in the student union are essential!" Contact Ngozi.

Emily Dunn

Emily Dunn, Finance, Risk Management and Insurance (2018)

"As a senior student soon to begin graduate school, I am truly thrilled to be part of this Union Steering Committee. I believe that I will bring valuable insight from multiple perspectives as my interactions with the student union have thus far been many through various avenues of campus involvement. Serving as a University Ambassador has allowed me to see the union through visitors’ eyes on a weekly basis, and I am absolutely ecstatic to work together on this project that will serve future Gamecocks for generations to come. Much of the excitement that I have for serving on the Union Steering Committee involves the opportunity to affect the role that the union plays in the student experience at Carolina. I truly feel that this responsibility is paramount in creating recognized value through our new student union for each and every student at the University of South Carolina." Contact Emily.

Lee Goble

Lee Goble, M.M.C. in Mass Communications (2019)

"I’m most excited to serve on this committee because it allows me the opportunity to help craft the vision for the future student union — one that can and will be student focused and represent the needs of the growing and extremely diverse student body at the University of South Carolina. The union plays an important role in the student experience at Carolina in that it is the place where everyone on campus, from all walks of life, can come and be engaged in student organizations, share meals and fellowship with close friends, participate in thoughtful debate, and grow from experiential learning opportunities." Contact Lee

Meoshay Jefferson

Meoshay Jefferson, Political Science (2021) 

"The union will not only be beneficial to the current student but also the prospective student. For a prospective student, the campus of a college is one of the most important element as they search for their best fit. The student union serves as the element engraved into their minds. For the current student, I visualize the union being a focal point of campus where students come to cultivate their academic, cultural and social aspects of themselves." Contact Meoshay

Benjamin Jenkins

Benjamin Jenkins, Finance and Economics (2020)

"The student union plays a diverse role at the university. For some, it’s a place of meetings and gatherings for organizations. For others, it’s a place to gather with friends for a meal. For off-campus students, it may provide solitude for studying between classes. The union serves a different purpose for everyone, but in its’ purest form, it serves as a multi-tool that allows students to utilize it in the best way they see fit." Contact Benjamin.

Audra Knight

Audra Knight, Accounting (2021)

"The union is a central part of the student experience at Carolina. It provides students a place to gather, creates a sense of community, and gives opportunities for students to become connected with the university. Ultimately, the union is a place for students to come together and a place where all students are welcome, which makes it such an important aspect of campus life." Contact Audra.

Bennett Lunn

Bennett Lunn, BARSC: Jurisprudence and Education Policy (2020)

"I’m excited to be a part of this committee because I see it as tangible opportunity to shape the legacy that’s left behind by my class. The union serves as a hub for students and, as such, is the first thing that shapes their understanding of the student life experience here at the university." Contact Bennett

William Quinlan

William Quinlan, Master in Public Administration (2019)

"Students can offer unique, first-hand perspectives of what the new union can be because we are the ones who are using these facilities the most. Past experiences with dining, recreation and relaxation in campus facilities give students expert insights on what the new union should feature. Being able to be one of the individuals to convey these insights as a part of the New Union Steering Committee is an exciting opportunity." Contact William.

Austin Smith

Austin Smith, Finance, Marketing and Real Estate (2020) 

 "The student union plays many roles in the student experience at Carolina. It is the main hub of the university and can be considered our battery. Under one roof, the student union is able to hold classrooms, work spaces, dining and student services. It serves as a cultural enrichment center as well as a facility to enhance social involvement. It is one of the most important buildings on campus that enhances the student experience at Carolina." Contact Austin

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