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Leadership and Service Center

Start an Organization

Even with more than 500 student organizations, there's plenty of room for others. Launching a new student organization is an effort on your part but it can be a very rewarding experience, too.

Learn the ins and outs of creating a new student organization.

If you're thinking about founding a new student organization, take time to investigate other clubs to prevent duplicative organizations and make sure you understand what will be required of you as the group organizer. Here are two exploratory steps we recommend before formally beginning the process:

  • Visit Garnet Gate to ensure that a group with similar interests and goals does not already exist. Ideally, any new organization will offer something new or different to interested students. If there's a already a group that's quite similar to the one you're considering, discuss your idea with the existing group to see if you can combine forces.
  • Set up a meeting with a staff member from the Leadership and Service Center. You can discuss your proposed organization, ask questions and access resources that are provided to registered student organizations. Schedule a meeting.

Get your new organization underway.

Once you've checked out Garnet Gate and met with us about your proposed organization, you can get the process started. The first step is the New Student Organization Intent Form. Completing this form helps us learn more about the organization you want to start on campus and ensures that we send you the most useful resource guide.

Start-up Checklist

Here's what you can expect your path to be as you begin your organization:

  1. Complete the New Student Organization Intent Form. 
  2. Find a faculty or staff advisor.
  3. Recruit 10 members.
  4. Create a constitution for your organization.
  5. Complete a Garnet Gate application.
  6. Await feedback from the Leadership and Service Center.
  7. Receive approval for new organization.
  8. Accept additional members.

We can help.

Let us help you get started. Schedule a leadership coaching appointment to talk through your idea.