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Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

Request a Presentation

Explore our available workshops and presentations or make a request. We are happy to personalize a program for your organization.

Request a Presentation

We will work to accommodate your preferred dates and times, however, scheduling is dependent upon presenter availability.


Available Presentations and Workshops

Our facilitated presentations and workshops feature topics related to identity development, diversity, cultural competence and social justice. Presentations are available upon request to faculty, staff, residence halls, academic courses and student organizations. 

Programs may be tailored to meet the unique needs or interests of your requesting group or organization. To ensure the success of your program, please submit your request at least two weeks prior to the presentation date.

Conflict Resolution with Diverse Populations

Everyone handles conflict differently. Sometimes, conflict arises out of differences. Together we can manage conflict and come together to learn with and from one another. By learning about our own conflict styles, as well as those of our peers, we can determine how to manage conflict to make your organization perform at a higher level.

Diversity Peer Educator Diversity 101 Workshop

The DPE Diversity 101 Workshop is designed to introduce students to the core concepts of diversity, including an overview of the various identities as well as a discussion focusing on the way identities and unique experiences interconnect. The workshop will conclude with upcoming events and ways students can get engaged in campus-based diversity programs. 

Diversity Peer Educator Diversity 102 Workshop

The DPE Diversity 102 Workshop will include a brief reintroduction to the core concepts of diversity but expand to include micro aggressions, the degree to which they impact the Carolina community, and steps students can take to uphold the Creed. The workshop will conclude with upcoming events and ways students can get engaged in campus-based diversity programs. 

Diversity Peer Educator Fishbowl Conversation

Invite our diversity peer educators to your community or organization to help facilitate a “fishbowl” conversation regarding diversity. Our DPEs will encourage all members of your organization to participate and share their views. This fun, informative workshop is a fantastic way to learn about diversity and culture from within your very own community or organization.

Everyone is Welcome: Creating Safe Spaces on Campus

Safe spaces are a physical location where individuals can feel themselves, as well as spaces where learning and healing take place. Starting with the basics of understanding diverse perspectives, learn how you can include these perspectives into your work to be better positioned to help historically marginalized groups as an education professional. 

Gender and How It Impacts Transgender Identities

We live in a society that is defined by two genders: man and woman. These genders come with expectations of how you should interact with the world, how you should dress, and who you should be. Come explore the gender construct and what these created roles and assumptions in our society mean for transgender people.

LGBTQ 101: Creating an Inclusive Campus through Understanding

This presentation provides basic information about the LGBTQ+ community, including terminology, a discussion of homophobia, and tips on creating an inclusive community. The presentation lasts approximately one hour, but can be tailored to fit a longer or shorter time period. 

Lifting as We Climb: Concepts to Understanding Diversity and Social Justice

Join us for a conversation about the basics of identity and diversity so we can understand how to progress to creating an inclusive environment for all. Learn how to practice what you’ve learned by engaging in a conversation with your peers and facilitators about any questions you’ve ever wanted to know about issues of diversity and social justice.

OMSA Involvement Opportunities

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs is an office that supports all students at Carolina through their multicultural growth. Come learn about the programs, events and organizations we support and that your group can learn from.

OMSA Staff-Led Workshop

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs staff can present a tailored lecture, workshop or dialogue specifically for your class or organization. Please contact our staff at least two weeks in advance to discuss details, and we will do our best to meet your needs. Examples of past workshops include: creating an inclusive residence hall environment, learning about trans* identities, cross-cultural communication, LGBTQ+ civil rights movement, diversity and social justice and more.

Privilege and Oppression 101  

There is a long history of bias and oppression in the world that has shaped the experiences of individuals. Come explore history, how it has shaped the experiences of some, and how we can all move forward to a space in which all experiences, identities and truths are valued.

Safe Zone Ally Training

Safe Zone is a campus wide program designed to visibly identify students, staff and faculty who support the LGBTQ+ population, understand some of the issues facing LGBTQ+ individuals, and are aware of the various LGBTQ+ resources. The Safe Zone workshop is a three-hour training that provides a foundation of knowledge needed to be an effective ally to LGBTQ+ students. Campus wide trainings are offered multiple times every semester, but training sessions can be arranged for other groups if requested. 

Serving in Solidarity: Working for Ethical and Engaged Allyship

Come engage in best practices to work in solidarity with communities in which you don’t share an identity. Learn more about how to serve as an advocate within historically marginalized and oppressed communities without speaking for or co-opting the issues and concerns of those individuals. Issues of meaningful allyship and the struggles to truly be engaged as an advocate will be addressed within this workshop. 

Shaping What’s Good

Fraternities and sororities have a strong sense of purpose that leads them to contribute to the civic and social good of their communities. With this purpose, members have the opportunity to be leaders of the campus community and shape the culture and climate in ways that actively promote respect, inclusivity and social responsibility. This session will discuss how Greek letter members can be leaders within the campus community and harness their influence to be change agents on campus and within their community.

Sticks and Stones:  Social Media, Microaggressions, and Freedom of Speech

We have all heard the phrase sticks and stones, but how does it translate to a world in which these stones are now virtual? Come explore issues related to living and engaging in an ever-evolving multicultural world. This interactive workshop will discuss the issues of social media, college students and freedom of expression as it pertains to the experiences students today. 

Trans* Advocacy Workshops

Our Trans* Advocacy Workshops are two-hour workshops focused specifically on understanding issues of gender identity and expression. This workshop delves deeper into trans* identities, so we request that participants complete Safe Zone Ally Training, or have a basic understanding of LGBTQ+ issues before going through this workshop.