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On Your Time Initiatives

Course & Classroom Procedures

As an instructor, time spent in front of your classroom reflects just a fraction of the committment and preparation that you invest. Whether you are creating your syllabus, preparing classroom materials or calculating final grades, there are a variety of procedures to help guide you through the process.

Teaching Preparation



Syllabi must be submitted to Amanda Therrell,, prior to the start of classes. You will receive an email with specific information about what should be included in the syllabus.

Book Orders

Please submit your textbook adoptions as soon as possible using the University Bookstore book adoption website. Questions regarding textbooks or academic guidelines may be directed to your academic department. For questions about textbook orders, contact the textbook department at 803-777-4270.

Classroom Assignments & Changes

Please visit your classroom assignment before your class begins to check for technology needs.

Complete a request form to provide specific information about your course, its location and the problem with your current classroom. Classroom change requests will be made by the Office of On Your Time Initiatives to the Registrar’s office on your behalf. 

When locked out of your classroom, please contact Campus Police at 803-777-4215. Notify Amanda Therrell  to ensure future access to the classroom.

Course Overrides

Any override requests from students for On Your Time (Y sections) courses should be submitted online or by email to An indication of the instructors' approval, the student's name and VIP ID are required. Once the override is processed, the student will receive an email and will be able to register for the course through Self Service Carolina. Please allow 24 hours from the time of the request for the override to be entered.


If an emergency or illness prevents you from meeting your class, please post a cancellation message on Blackboard for students and also notify Amanda Therrell at 803-777-9850 or A cancellation sign will be placed on the classroom door.


Classroom Materials

Requests for copies of classroom materials may be submitted to the Office of On Your Time Initiatives.  

Film Requests

Film requests may be submitted to the The Educational Films Collection at Thomas Cooper Library. An extensive collection of DVDs, videotapes, and 16mm films is available for classroom and educational use.


Exams, Grades and Course Evaluations

Instructors should retain final examinations and all grade records for courses for one academic year.

Graded exams and papers should be returned to students promptly whenever possible. As a general rule, you should allow students to examine their graded work, even if you do not allow them to keep it. Check with your academic department for other regulations and expectations.

Upon request, instructors should review graded examinations and papers with their students.

Course Evaluations

USC policy requires that your students evaluate your course and you each semester.  Through our office, evaluations are administered online to your students.  Expect to receive an email from the office with more specific information about course evaluations.