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Office of the Provost

USCreativity introduces The Great Gamecock Design Challenge

$20,000 grand prize to support the winning project!

THE CHALLENGE: Help distinguish the University of South Carolina by designing a buzz-worthy physical space that fosters creative collaboration and uncommon exploration.

The Great Gamecock Design Challenge is an immersive, problem-solving experience where interdisciplinary teams collaborate to invent the extraordinary. Using human-centered design thinking, participants are challenged to question fundamental assumptions, arriving at innovative solutions that help our university thrive. Learn a powerful, transferrable approach to creative problem solving, while reimagining our university!

Top 5 reasons to participate in The Great Gamecock Design Challenge:

  1. Compete for a $20,000 grand prize, propelling the winning project
  2. Reshape our community, reimagine our university
  3. Build relationships with amazing people from across campus
  4. Learn a powerful approach to creative, collaborative problem solving, applicable to teaching, research, service, and life
  5. Experience immense value, though the cost to you is FREE

The Great Gamecock Design Challenge is one of two interlocking May 2018 events that kicks of USCreativity, a yearlong showcase of creative and innovative activity from across our campus and community.

When:              May 16-17, 2018; 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Who:                Nominated faculty/staff/grad students representing a diversity of areas

Cost:                Free to accepted participants

Apply:              Complete application form below by March 8, 2018

Acceptance:    Applicants will be notified of acceptance status by March 19, 2018


Application Form