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Office of the Provost

Monograph Series

Published annually, the Grace Jordan McFadden Professors Program Monograph Series features the latest in scholar, alumni, and faculty research.

If you find a topic of interest, please contact Ms. Rhittie L. Gettone, Administrative Coordinator for the Grace Jordan McFadden Professors Program for that monograph edition.

2016 Monograph Series

2013 Monograph Series

Blue, Genine L.
Education/Research and Measurement
A Critical Analysis of South Carolina’s Teacher Evaluation Policy

Brown Griffin, PhD, Charity
School Psychology
The Impact of School Racial Climate on Achievement Outcomes in African American Youth: A Review Paper

Cornelius, Brianna C.
Defining AAE

Cunningham, Candace N.
Second Wave Black Feminist Thought

Glenn Jr, Odell L.
Chemical Engineering
Phase Equilibrium of Essential Oils in Liquid and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Martin II, Frank C.
Assessing the Roles of Intention, Action, and Agency: A Consideration of Choices that Lead to Unintended Harms

Mckie, Erin C.
Management Science
Exploring the Moderating Effects of Gender on Wages: An Econometric Analysis

Moore, Porchia A.
Library Sciences
After Museum 2.0, What Do We Know?: An Argument for New Strategies in Art Museum Research

Owens, Julian D.
Educational Studies/Curriculum
Cultural Dissonance in the Classroom: The Plight of Black Male Students in American

Torres-Garcia, Legna M.
Earth and Ocean Sciences
My SEAGEP Experience
(South East Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate)

2012 Monograph Series

Sharla D. Benson-Brown
Educational Studies
Class Defined: The Impact of Social Class in Overlooking Untapped Resources of Students Living in Poverty

Christina Brooks
African American Mortuary Archaeology: Challenge in Theory and Method

Charity L. Brown
Racial Socialization and Academic Self-Esteem: The Potential Mediating Role of African American Youths’ Racial Identity

Courtney T. Callahan
Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology
The Role of the Exosporium Glycoprotein BcIB in Pneumonic Pathogenicity in Bacillus anthracis and Bacillus cereus Species

Kevin Daniels
Electrical Engineering
Discrepancies in Traditional Hall Effect Mobility of Multilayer Epitaxial Graphene

Jamelle H. Ellis
Environmental Health Sciences
An Evaluation of Global Subsistence Fish Consumption and Potential Exposures to Methylmercury

Yuliana Lugo-José
Chemical Engineering
The Dimerization Effect on Biomass-Derived Carboxylic Acids: A Spectroscopy and Thermodynamic Study

Jesé Mangual
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Assessing Corrosion Damage in Prestressed Concrete Using Acoustic Emission

Frank C. Martin
Art, Race, and Reasoning: Six American Artists of African Descent in Four South Carolina Exhibitions

Monica Y. Ragin
Biological Sciences
Effect of Linear Furanocoumarins on Cell Migration in Breast Cancer and Genetic Analyses of African American and European American Breast Cancer Patients in South Carolina

Lisa B. Randle
Plantation Landscape Paintings as Discourse Materialized

Veronica Rodriguez-Rivera
Chemical Engineering
Fabrication of Collagen Scaffolds Using Electrospun Fibers

Derrick C. Scott
Biological Sciences
The Cell Wall Integrity-Associated Map Kinase Homolog, Abslt2 in the Necrotrophic Fungus Alternaria Brassicicola, is Required for Pathogenicity

Kandy T. Velázquez Figueroa
Exercise Science
The Potential for Nutraceutical and Resistance Exercise Interventions to Prevent Cancer

Regina E. Wragg
Biological Sciences
Supporting Technology-Integrated Curriculum, Enactment while Considering Teachers’ Beliefs