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Office of the Provost

Academic Programs

The Rule of Law Collaborative offers interdisciplinary academic instruction on issues relating to rule of law.

Search for courses by discipline using the expandable table below.

Course numbers:

  • Courses numbered below 500 are undergraduate courses.
  • Courses numbered from 500 to 699 are intended for graduate students and advanced undergraduates.
  • Courses numbered 700 and above are graduate courses.


ANTH 208: Anthropology of Globalization and Development
ANTH 291J: Anthropology and Post-Conflict Justice
ANTH 350: Anthropology and Development
ANTH 353: Anthropology of Law and Conflict
ANTH 381: Gender and Globalization (= WGST 381)
ANTH 515: Tradition and Transformations in Islamic Cultures
ANTH 516: Indonesian Culture through Film
ANTH 569: Environment and Development
ANTH 581: Globalization and Cultural Questions


DMSB 706A: Globalization, Culture and the Business Environment
DMSB 713: Global Economics
DMSB 727: China Business Issues
DMSB 728: India Business Issues
DMSB 730: African Business Issues
DMSB 731: Latin American Business Issues

IBUS 706: Nation States, Regional Networks and Global Markets
IBUS 707: Comparative Institutional Systems
IBUS 708: International Business Legal Environment
IBUS 733: East/West Business
IBUS 738: International Business and Sustainable Development
IBUS 802: Politics and International Business

Criminal Justice

CRJU 510: Critical Incident Management for Criminal Justice
CRJU 535: Inmates and Prisons
CRJU 554: Women and Crime
CRJU 563: Race, Crime, and Criminal Justice
CRJU 565: Organized Crime  
CRJU 577: Law and Criminal Justice Policy
CRJU 702: Law and Justice  
CRJU 701: Survey of Criminal Justice
CRJU 711: Police Practices and Problems
CRJU 712: Police Administration and Management
CRJU 714: Ethics in Criminal Justice  
CRJU 731: Corrections  
CRJU 732: Correctional Policy
CRJU 751: Juvenile Justice  
CRJU 752: Prevention and Treatment of Delinquency  
CRJU 810: Crime, Law, and Public Policy


ECON 507: Comparative Economic Systems
ECON 508: Law and Economics
ECON 705: Economic Development
ECON 706: Regional Economic Development


EDFN 741: Comparative and International Education
EDTE 792: International Perspectives on Instruction
EDHE 851: Comparative Higher Education

Environment and Sustainability

ENVR 499: Undergraduate Research
ENVR 800: Topics in Environmental Philosophy [=PHIL 800]
ENVR 804: Environmental Advocacy Seminar [=LAWS 804]
ENVR 835: Seminar in Environmental Ethics [=PHIL 835]


GEOG 512: Migration and Globalization
GEOG 516: Coastal Zone Management
GEOG 530: Environmental Hazards
GEOG 566: Social Aspects of Environmental Planning and Management
GEOG 568: Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change
GEOG 569: Environment and Development
GEOG 581: Globalization and Cultural Questions
GEOG 711: Regional Geography of Selected World Regions
GEOG 724: Geography of Latin America
GEOG 726: Geography of the Middle East and Africa
GEOG 734: Field Seminar in Third World Development Projects
GEOG 789: Area Analysis (Latin America, Asia, etc.)

Journalism and Mass Communications

JOUR 541: International Mass Communications
JOUR 773: Risk Communications
JOUR 779: Theories of Global Communication


LAWS 565: Coastal Conservation Law Seminar
LAWS 601: The Constitution and National Security
LAWS 629: Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAWS 666: International Environmental Law
LAWS 670: Judges and the Rule of Law
LAWS 684: Environmental Law of Natural Resources
LAWS 691: Russian Law and Legal System
LAWS 733: International Human Rights Skills
LAWS 756: Criminal Regulation of Vice
LAWS 784: Transnational Law
LAWS 812: International Human Rights Seminar
LAWS 815: Rule of Law Seminar
LAWS 817: International Criminal Law
LAWS 816: Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy
LAWS 826: Energy Law and the Environment
LAWS 857: War on Terror, Counter Terrorism and International Law
LAWS 815: Rule of Law
LAWS 841: Law and Social Justice Seminar


NURS 506: Special Topics in International Nursing
NURS 736: Women, Work, and Health: Global Perspectives


PHIL 532: Social Justice
PHIL 715: Ethics in Criminal Justice
PHIL 769: Jurisprudence

Political Science

POLI 380: Comparative Politics of Developing Countries
POLI 383: Genocide: A Comparative Perspective
POLI 391: Human Rights in Context
POLI 391: The Politics of National and International Courts
POLI 391: Courts, Law and Judges in the Common Law World
POLI 404: Democratic Theory
POLI 420: International Law
POLI 421: Law and Contemporary International Problems
POLI 450: Constitutional Law
POLI 451: Civil Liberties
POLI 454: Women and the Law
POLI 544: Law and Society
POLI 725: International Conflict
POLI 737: Nationalism and Politics
POLI 726: Judicial Politics
POLI 728: Judicial Politics in Europe and Common Law Countries
POLI 729: Courts in Developing Countries
POLI 732: International Law
POLI 754: Public Accountability and Ethics
POLI 740: Formation and Conduct of U.S. Foreign Policy
POLI 742: Problems in National Security
POLI 792J: Justice and Human Rights in Transitional Polities
POLI 792R: Rule of Law Promotion and U.S. Foreign Policy

Public Health

HEPB 511: Health Problems in a Changing Society
HPEB 770: Health Education in Developing Countries
HPEB 771: Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Population Health
HPEB 772: Current Trends in Developing World Health
HPEB 773: International Public Health Seminar
HEPB 802: Implementing and Monitoring Health Promotion Interventions
HPEB 820: Public Health Policy & Advocacy

Religious Studies

RELG 354: Islamic Institutions and Traditions
RELG 358: The Qur’an and Hadith
RELG 551: Tradition and Transformations in Islamic Cultures

Social Work

SOWK 677: Psychosocial Aspects of Health Care
SOWK 757: Seminar on Social Work Education and Human Services in Other Nations