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Office of the Provost

Leadership Scholars

Our Leadership Scholars program provides an especially exciting opportunity for students to pursue projects that benefit our university and community while networking with like-minded students and learning about cutting-edge scholarship on leadership.

The scholars are a diverse cohort of student leaders who meet regularly throughout the academic year in an effort to create a new vision of leadership on the University of South Carolina campus. Charged with this unique mission, the scholars focus on transforming the culture and accessibility of student leadership at USC.

Leadership Scholars are given the opportunity to interact with various members of the university faculty and administration to ensure the broad scope of Carolina Leadership is captured in its entirety. The ultimate goal of this program is to bring the message to students that leadership comes in a plethora of forms and to empower fellow Gamecocks to realize and recognize their leadership potential.


Spurred to Lead Movement

During the 2014-2015 academic year, the Leadership scholars developed the idea of “Spurred to Lead,” a movement on campus to enlighten, educate, and encourage other students to become involved around Carolina.

Through this campaign students will promote that there are many ways to lead - not just as part of an organization, but in the community and as an individual as well. The Spurred to Lead project will continue through the 2015-2016 academic year utilizing the vision from the originating cohort to create a polished product.

Being empowered to be an actor of transformation is the mission. What “Spurred to Lead” is trying to make evident is that any person can be a leader; there are diverse practices of leadership and no limits to what delineates a leadership role. It could be as unpretentious as helping someone find their way around campus, picking up trash, etc.

Students should grasp the concept of true leadership and feel once they walk away that change is about progression and going beyond the limits of what one would habitually do on a day-to-day basis. Change can happen within a person without them even realizing it.


Current Leadership Scholars

Jordyn Augustus
Laura Baker
Joy Barlow
Taylor Barnes
Walter Brandsema
Timothy Bryson
Grant Fleming
Rachel Lunsford
Amelia Macloskie
Madeline Mulkey
Ann-Marie Nunziata
Ore Oluwole
Rebecca Schick
Caroline Westberg


Past Leadership Scholars

2014 Scholars

Olivia Albanese

Carles’ Anderson

Jalia Anderson

Kevin Anneken

Briana Bills

Hazel Bridges

Caitlyn Brockington

Kendall Carey

Grant Fleming

Elizabeth Gergel

Richard Hesse

Blakeley Hoffman

Kelley Kennedy

Liam McNamara

Ashley Michelussi

Ann-Marie Nunziata

Sanura O’Reily

Parth Parikh

Natalie Pita

Kendall Tucker

Miley Ulmer

Tyler Wagner

2013 Scholars

Amanda Hartman

Matthew Koon-Stack

Ann-Marie Nunziata

Emma Robl

2012 Scholars

Connor Bain

Candra Chaisson

John Clegg

Meghan Conroy

Ashley Cook

Kali Esancy

Olivia Keyes

Rebecca Marasco

Devon Thurman

2011 Scholars

Pedro De Abreu

Jordan Addison

Reggie Bain

Ashley Blanchard

Renee Dickman

Erin Fedewa

Coy Gibson

Sukhi Guram

Sam Johnson

Ben Muller

Andrew Newton

Callin Preston

Nick Riley

Jim Talbert

Laurent Talley

Elizabeth Wilson