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Office of the Provost

Faculty Advancement

SEC Academic Leadership Development

The Academic Leadership Development Program helps to develop the leadership skills of tenured faculty who have demonstrated exceptional ability and leadership promise at institutions in the Southeastern Conference.  The goal of the program is to advance faculty, teach leadership skills and provide qualified and skilled talent for administrative roles.

ALDP Fellows

ALDP Fellows are appointed to a two-year term.  During the first year, the Fellows will participate in the SEC ALDP workshops.  There are two workshops a year and each are hosted by a different SEC institution.  The Fall workshop, Leading for Excellence, spotlights topics such as communication skills, conflict resolution, emergency preparedness and planning.  The Spring workshop, Implementing Excellence, focuses on topics such as accreditation, assessment, conducting job searches and formal preparedness for leadership positions.
During their second year, the Fellow will serve as a mentor to the next year's ALDP Fellows.

Fellow Selection

Selection processes are established by each SEC institution.  Generally speaking, ALDP fellows are tenured faculty with demonstrated leadership abilities, have had administrative assignments and have held positions requiring leadership skills.

Expectations of Fellows

Fellows are expected to be fully engaged in the ALDP program.  The Fellow should participate in and attend all workshops in its entirety,  participate in local programing as defined by the host institution, serve on selection committee for the next year's Fellows and serve as mentors for future ALDP Fellows.