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Office of the Provost

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Internal Awards

John J. Duffy Excellence in Teaching Award

The John J. Duffy Excellence in Teaching award is a University of South Carolina regional campus award given to recognize outstanding teaching. Eligible full-time faculty at regional campuses can be nominated. The award will be accompanied by a monetary stipend of $2,500.

Criteria for Selection

  1. Full-time regional campus faculty.
  2. Previous John J. Duffy award recipients are not eligible for nominations for a period of three years after receiving the award.
  3. Recipients of any other teaching award will be eligible for nomination for the award.

Nomination Process

Nominations will be submitted by each USC regional campus including Extended University to the Regional Campuses Welfare Committee. Each campus will decide how the nomination process takes place at the institutional level. There is a limit of five nominees per campus allowing each campus' division, if desired, to have a nominee.  The Regional Campus Faculty Senate's Welfare Committee judges the files based on student assessments and evaluations, innovation in teaching, professional development activities, student involvement and difficulty of course load.

Required Materials for Nominee's file:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. A narrative which summarizes the candidate's philosophy of teaching, involvement in teaching, advising and mentoring of students.
  3. A summary of teaching, student research, advisement, mentoring activities and awards. Suggestions for the summary:
    1. Course or program development such as courses taught/developed, program development or revision, instructional materials developed for students and/or uses of current and emerging technologies
    2. Advisement and career counseling such as development of advisement materials, awards or recognitions
    3. Research or independent study supervision such as nature and quality of student performance, nature and quality of supervision and/or nature and quality of outcomes or products
    4. Mentoring and instructional support to colleagues, excerpts of letters from those assisted and/or description of support offered
    5. Delivery of instruction, syllabi, course requirements and assessment approaches
    6. Evaluation of student learning, student-generated products and/or examples of completed assignments
    7. Class sizes
    8. Assessment results (such as Standardized Assessment tests, exit exams)
    9. Professional growth activities leading to improved teaching
    10. Community service activities leading to improved teaching
  4. The submitted material has a seven-page limit, not including the curriculum vitae, and should be in one PDF file with 12 point font, double-spacing and one-inch margins.
  5. All names for the award must come from each regional campus' nominating body.

Selection Process

The selection committee will make a recommendation to the vice provost and executive dean of system affairs and extended university, who will select the winner. Awards are presented at the USC Columbia Honors and Awards ceremony and announced at the last Regional Campuses Senate Meeting of the academic year.