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Office of the Provost

Academic Common Market

Billing & Tuition Credit

Academic Common Market students are billed as non-residents, for non-resident tuition. Once a student is fully approved for ACM, they receive a credit equal to the difference between non-resident and resident tuition. After initial approval, the ACM tuition credit will appear 24 hours after a student has registered for classes (once bills are posted to accounts).

Contact the USC ACM Office if you sign up for classes the same day the bill is due, so that your bill can be adjusted immediately.

Scholarships and the ACM Tuition Credit

Most scholarships awarded by USC are made up of two parts: an award amount (example, $500 annually), and a tuition reduction.

USC will not “stack” tuition reductions.

Academic Common Market is a tuition reduction. If you have been awarded a scholarship that includes a tuition reduction and have also been approved for ACM by USC, you will receive the award amount from the scholarship, and the higher of the two tuition reductions. This is always the ACM tuition reduction.