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Office of the Provost

Academic Common Market

Maintaining ACM

The Following Actions Will Cause Loss of ACM: 

Change of major and/or concentration, lack of full-time and continuous enrollment (Fall/Spring only), and lack of good academic standing will lead to loss of the Academic Common Market tuition credit.

Changing Major and/or Concentration

Students receive an ACM Certification for one specific major and concentration only. Any change of major and/or concentration after initial ACM approval will cause a loss of the ACM tuition reduction.  

If you make a change to your ACM major and/or concentration for the current semester you are in, you will owe back the ACM tuition credit received for that semester, and will not receive the ACM tuition credit for upcoming semesters.  

If you make a change to your ACM major and/or concentration for a future semester, you will not receive the ACM tuition credit for that future semester, or for any semester going forward. 

Changing to any other ACM-eligible major and/or concentration requires a new ACM application and Certification for a future semester. If you are considering a change of major and/or concentration, please contact the USC ACM Office.

Lack of Full and Continuous Enrollment 

Students must be fully and continuously enrolled each major semester (Fall/Spring) in order to receive the ACM tuition credit*

  • For undergraduates, full enrollment each major semester (Fall/Spring) is a minimum of 12 credit hours, for graduates it is a minimum of 9 credit hours each major semester (Fall/Spring)**

  • Excused sick leave, internships, and study abroad will not impact the ACM tuition credit

  • Students coming back from study abroad or sick leave should call or email the USC ACM Office if they do not see the ACM tuition credit upon registration.

*Students in their last major semester of school may be less than fully enrolled, so long as they contact the USC ACM Office prior to the start of the semester

**Students who enroll in either full or part-time course work during the Summer semester will receive the ACM tuition credit. Enrollment in Summer coursework is not required for continuos receipt of the ACM tuition credit. 

Poor Academic Standing

You must remain in good academic standing in your ACM-eligible major to continue receiving ACM tuition benefits.

  • Students must maintain the required GPA of the program they are in, as well as continuing to progress in the required course load for the major

  • Students will continue to receive ACM tuition benefits while on probation

  • ACM tuition benefits cease if a student is notified that they must change out of a college/major

  • ACM tuition benefits cease if a student is switched to Undergraduate Studies due to failure to raise GPA or progress in the required course load for the major

  • ACM tuition benefits cease if a student is placed on suspension or cannot register due to student judiciary proceedings

Visit the Bulletin for more information on academic standing.

Change in Legal Residency

Students must maintain legal residency of the state they received their Academic Common Market Certification from in order to continue to receive Academic Common Market tuition benefits from USC. USC ACM approval does not grant students South Carolina residency status. 

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