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University Registrar

Residency Appeals

Establishing South Carolina residency can be a complex process for some students. The University of South Carolina has a process in place for students to contest preliminary residency decisions.

If you disagree with the residency decision made by the SC residency office, you are entitled to request an appeal before the University’s South Carolina Residency Committee. Students who appeal residency decisions must complete a Request for Appeal form informing the residency office of their appeal.

Appeals of administrative decisions are heard by the University’s South Carolina Residency Committee to determine eligibility, or lack thereof, for payment of tuition at resident rates. The committee is appointed by the president and includes a combination of faculty and staff members and students.

The committee is bound by the same laws and governing regulations that are applied by the staff of the registrar's office. The purpose of the committee is to review the facts and details of any case brought before it for the task of evaluating the correctness of the decision made by the staff of the registrar's office. Neither the committee nor the staff of the registrar's office has the authority to waive any provisions of the law or the regulations.

Making an Appeal

  1. Contact the SC Residency office to obtain the Request for Appeal form. Complete it and return it to the SC residency office at, mail it to the SC Residency Office, 1244 Blossom Street, Columbia, SC, 20208, or fax it to 803-777-3977.
  2. Upon receipt of the letter, the SC residency office will schedule a hearing with the SC Residency Committee to review the appeal.