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University Registrar

CLEP Credits

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams test mastery of college-level material acquired through instruction, independent study, or extracurricular work.

While USC grants credit for certain CLEP exams, our minimum score requirements are different from the ACE recommendations. CLEP exams cannot be retaken for passing credit. For more on the University of South Carolina’s policy on CLEP exams, refer to the placement examinations section of the Undergraduate Admissions Policies and Procedures bulletin.

Testing Center

The University of South Carolina’s testing center at 1600 Hampton Street is certified to proctor all CLEP examinations.
Contact the center to get more information or exam details.

CLEP Scores

Please send score reports directly to: 
Office of the University Registrar
University of South Carolina
1244 Blossom Street
Columbia, SC 29208

The CLEP code for the University of South Carolina is 5818.


Test Name Score Needed to Receive Credit USC Credit
Financial Accounting 50 ACCT 225
Introductory Business Law        57 ACCT 324
American Government      65 POLI 201
History of the United States I        54 HIST 111
History of the United States II       55 HIST 112


BIOL 101 & BIOL 101L
BIOL 101, 101L, 102, 102L
Calculus        60 MATH 141
Chemistry    63 CHEM 111

Information Systems

60 CSCE 101
 Western Civilization I              57 HIST 101
 Western Civilization II       56 HIST 102

Principles of Macroeconomics      

54 ECON 222

Principles of Microeconomics      

54 ECON 221

Introduction to Educational Psychology       

50 EDPY 335
 American Literature  55  ENGL 285
 Principles of Management   56 MGMT 371

Principles of Marketing    

55 MKTG 350

College Mathematics

60 MATH 111


60 MATH 115
 Introductory Psychology 54 PSYC 101
College Composition   



ENGL 101 
ENGL 101 & 102

Score requirements are subject to change without notice. For more information about CLEP exams, please visit