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University Registrar

Enrollment Certification Request

All students receiving veterans educational benefits should complete this form prior to each semester. This allows you to notify the Office of Veterans Services of your plans to utilize veterans benefits or to make changes to your semester hours.


Prior to completing this form, you should complete the following, if applicable:

  • Apply for admission to the University
  • Complete any major or degree changes through your academic unit
  • Review veterans educational benefits checklist specific to your chapter benefit


Advanced Notification Agreement

The following agreement will be presented to you on the Enrollment Certification Request form. Please pay particular attention to the dates when the Office of Veterans Services will begin to generate schedules and bills.

In order to ensure expedient certification, I permit the Office of Veteran Services to automatically generate a class schedule and bill on my behalf to certify my benefits according to the following schedule:

Fall Certification: Schedules will be generated starting May 1.
(Chapters 30, 31, 32, 35, 1606, and 1607)
Fall Certification: Schedules and bills will be generated starting July 18.
(Chapter 33)
Spring Certification: Schedules will be generated staring November 15.
Summer Certification: Schedules will be generated starting April 15.

If I change the number of hours in which I wish to enroll, I understand it is my responsibility to notify the USC Office of Veterans Services through this same form.

Supplemental Documentation

After completing this form, you may submit supplemental documentation to the Office of Veterans Services via email or in person.