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austin lewis

A mindful approach

Biological sciences and pre-med major Austin Lewis found that immersing himself in research opportunities helped him prepare and connect with leaders in the field of neuroscience.

Find your fit

Fueled by an interest in neuroscience, Austin found that majoring in biological sciences and pre-med offered him the best opportunity to explore this field of medicine.

"I have always been very interested in neuroscience, particularly at the molecular and clinical levels. Neuroscience is unique because understanding how humans think is something we can't see or touch. From day to day, you don't think of how you are able to process words and surroundings, or how the way your brain influences every aspect of your life. It is fascinating to understand how the brain works and how it help patients find solutions for problems that are intangible, yet so impactful to their lives."

Expand your options

Austin quickly took advantage of the many research opportunities at USC. To him, Carolina offered the ability to easily connect with those working in this field, something he felt couldn't be replicated elsewhere.

"Many people don't know that USC is a top research campus with a Carnegie distinction, which was an important factor in my decision to come here."

"Almost immediately I began to develop one-on-one connections with my lab director, master's students, Ph.D students and other undergraduate lab assistants. My lab director has truly become a mentor. He is a neuropathologist and has given me so many opportunities beyond the work we do in the lab."

Discover new approaches

By far, it has been Austin's research opportunities that have defined his success at Carolina. This year, his work titled, "Uncovering Immediate Early Gene Programs That Drive Neural Fate," won him a research grant.

"I am a Carolina Scholar, and being part of the scholar community has been instrumental in preparing for a career in medicine. Not only did my advisor at the Office of Fellowships and Scholar Programs encourage me to look into research opportunities, but to apply for a SURF Grant and Magellan Award to fund my research."

Prepare for the path ahead

The relationships Austin has made through his research have been instrumental in helping him create a meaningful and far-reaching network. He contributes much of his preparedness to going beyond the classroom to enhance his skills and understanding of medicine.

"After graduation, I plan to attend medical school and study to become a neurosurgeon. I am very passionate about exploring neuroscience as a part of medicine. To be able to see patients come in to the office with serious, life-altering health problems and leave with a tangible solution for their concerns is amazing!"

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