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Beyond the clinic

Pharmacy student Tyler Wagner found his desire to pursue a meaningful career in health care led him to a career in clinical pharmacy where he could combine his interest in science with his passion for working with people.

Finding your fit

Tyler knew he wanted to work in the health care industry after he graduated, but wasn't exactly sure about which field. Exploring all the science and health courses available at USC, soon led him to a career in clinical pharmacy.

"There are so many great programs offered to health science majors here, and I knew that this was the place I could work and study with other like-minded people in my career choice. Not only have I met other pharmacy students, both others working in the nursing and medical fields as well."

Expand your options

Tyler soon learned that there's so much more to pharmacy than just working in a drug store and handling medicine. There are actually over 20 pharmacy-related career paths, with many of these in the clinical setting where pharmacists speak with individuals on how to best approach their health issues through medicines and teach them how to properly use medications.

"The more I learn about clinical pharmacy, the more excited I get about the many possibilities. It could even lead me to a career in pediatric oncology, cardiovascular surgery or infectious disease."

Discover new approaches

One of Tyler's most defining moments at USC what when he joined the Student Society of Health-System Pharmacy (SSHP), which is an organization that helps future health care professions put their skills to practice in the community.

"SSHP has visited the Ronald McDonald House on several occasions and cooked dinner for the residents. Although we didn't have the opportunity to work with patients directly, the experience allowed us to see the more personal side of caring for patients and their families."

Prepare for the future

"Moving forward as a clinical pharmacist, experiences such as these will help me better connect with and serve my patients. I'm thankful that USC's college of pharmacy gives students the opportunity to become better professionals and impact our community by participating in health care organizations like SSHP."

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