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University Technology Services

MS Office 365

Installation instructions for Mac

  1. Log into portal.
  2. Click Install Office 2016

  3. The following instructions will appear and the file will download to your default location (typically downloads).
    step 3

  4. Once downloaded, open downloads to find the Microsoft_Office_20…..Installer.pkg file
    step 4

  5. Double click on the installer file
    step 7

  6. Follow the steps of installation 

  7. Accept the terms
    step 7

  8. Add for all users on this machine.
    step 8

  9. Do not change the location of the install and click Install.  You may be prompted to enter password if admin on the computer. Type in password and wait.
    step 9

  10. You will be notified when the installation is complete.
    step 10

  11. Open finder > applications and then double click Outlook.
    step 11

  12. Click Get Started
    step 12

  13. Click Sign In
    step 13

  14. Type your O365 username and click Next.
    step 14

  15. Choose work or school account
    step 15

  16. Type in your password and click Sign In.
    step 16

  17. Add an account
    step 17
    step 17

  18. You will have to activate the account with your username and password information.