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Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Faculty Alhaddad, Shemsi, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics 803-313-7446 Math, Science, Nursing and Public Health
Staff Allen, CoSonja Administrative Assistant/Student Support Services 803-313-7125 TRiO
Staff Ammons, Mark Business Manager 803-313-7461 TRiO
Staff Bailey , Matthew Athletic Trainer
Staff Barber, Ashley Financial Aid Counselor Student Services Coordinator 803-313-7079 Financial Aid Department
Staff Bauer, Brooke Assistant Professor 803-313-7440 History and Native American Studies
Faculty Berry, Marybeth Lee, M.F.A Associate Professor 803-313-7017 Theatre and Speech
Faculty Biggs, Adam Instructor 803-313-7035 African American Studies and History
Staff Blackmon, Albert Adjunct Instructor Business
Staff Blackmon, Jennifer Admissions Counselor 803-313-7053 Admission/Records
Staff Blakeney, Angela UB Clerical Specialist 803-313-7046 TRiO
Faculty Bohonak, Noni, Ph.D. Professor Emerita 803-313-7136 Math, Science, Nursing, and Public Health
Staff Bundrick, Christopher Associate Professor of English 803-313-7043 Humanities
Staff Burgin, Brent Archivist 803-313-7063 Native American Studies Center
Faculty Burke, Fernanda, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry Associate Head Coach Women's Volleyball 803-313-7463 Math, Science, Nursing and Public Health
Faculty Cai, Li, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry 803-313-7026 Chemistry
Staff Calhoun, Nick Head Baseball Coach 803-313-7094 Athletics
Staff Campbell, Andrea Career Counselor 803-313-7590 Student Services
Faculty Campbell, Steven Associate Professor (Political Science) 803-313-7137 Humanities Division
Staff Canty, Brian IT Services Specialist 803-313-7175 IT
Staff Carnes, Laura Director, Student Engagement and Success 803-313-7120 Academic and Student Affairs
Faculty Castiglia, Jill Chemistry Instructor Lab Manager 803-313-7032 Chemistry
Faculty Catledge, Courtney, Ph.D. Director, USCL BSN Collaborative Program Instructor 803-313-7459 Nursing, Math, Science, Public Health
Staff Catoe, Megan USC Lancaster Campus Registrar 803-313-7073 Admissions and Records Office
Staff Cole, Kenneth Director of Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs 803-313-7068 Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs
Faculty Collins, Walter, III, Ph.D. Palmetto College Campus Dean Professor of French and English 803-313-7002
Staff Connor, Elaine Academic Success Coordinator 803-313-7113 Academic Success Center
Faculty Covington, Kimberly Instructor of English 803-313-7041 English
Faculty Cox, Ron, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Academic & Student Affairs Professor of History 803-313-7101
Staff Crockett, Jamikka Accounts Receivable Manager 803.313.7004 Business Office
Faculty Cruise, Susan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Sociology 803-313-7074 Sociology
Faculty Currence, Jerry Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Mathematics 803-313-7027 Computer Science
Faculty Day, Todd Adjunct Instructor 803-313-7024 Theatre, Speech, and Dance
Faculty Dry, Shana Director of Public Information 803-313-7008 Advancement
Faculty Easley, Elizabeth, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-313-7441 Exercise Science
Staff Ellis, Pamela Administrative Specialist II 803-313-7101 Academic and Student Affairs
Faculty Emanuel, Stan Business Instructor 803-313-7444 Business, Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice & Education
Staff Faile, Mary Foundation Liaison 803-313-7080 The Educational Foundation of USC Lancaster
Staff Faulkenberry, Blake Director of Information Technology IT Supervisor II 803-313-7033 Information Technology
Staff Faulkenberry, Danelle Palmetto College Coordinator 803-313-7143 Palmetto College
Staff Faulkner, Kelsey Admissions Counselor Admissions Processor 803-313-7055 Admissions
Staff Freeman, Rebecca Assistant Librarian 803-313-7062 Library
Faculty Garane, Garane Instructor of Foreign Languages 803-313-7159 Humanities
Faculty Gardner, Fran Chair of Humanities Professor of Art and Art History 803-313-7045 Humanities
Faculty Gillespie, Donna Adjunct Instructor 803-313-7073 Business
Faculty Golonka, Annette, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology 803-313-7019 Math, Science, Nursing, and Public Health: Biology
Staff Hammond, Kristen Student Life Assistant 803-313-7066
Faculty Hammond, Lisa Professor of English Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research 803-313-7044 Humanities Division
Staff Harmon, Summer Administrative Assistant 803-313-7071 Student Engagement and Success
Faculty Hassell, Darris Spanish Instructor Associate Head Volleyball Coach 803-313-7021 Division of Humanities (Spanish)
Faculty Heinemann-Priest, Claudia Y Instructor of English 803-313-7470 Humanities/English
Faculty Holland, Kate, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology Principal Investigator: Behavioral Neuroscience Lab 803-313-7454 Psychology
Staff Horton, Annette Administrative Spec. II Disability Services Coordinator 803-313-7448 Disability Services
Faculty Johnson, Bettie, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-313-7020 Math, Science, Nursing, and Public Health
Faculty Jones, Claudine, MSN, RN Nursing Instructor 803-313-7166 Nursing
Faculty Jordan, Denise W. Adjunct Instructor Business/University 101
Staff Kendrick, Kaetrena Davis Associate Librarian Assistant Professor 803-313-7061 Medford Library
Staff Keown, Meagan Admissions Counselor Recruiter 803-313-7073 Admissions Office
Staff King, Jonathan Assistant Baseball Coach 803-313-7095 Athletics
Faculty Kingkade, Howard Associate Professor of Theatre, Speech, and English 803-313-7158 Humanities
Staff Lawrence, Dana Assistant Professor of English Director, Academic Success Center 803-313-7023
Faculty Lawrence, Nicholas Associate Professor 803-313-7167 Enlglish
Faculty Lawrence, Patrick Assistant Professor 803-313-7014 English
Staff Lee, Mary To Counselor Student Services Program Coordinator 803-313-7131 Student Services
Staff Mackey, Antonio Information Resource Consultant Webmaster 803-313-7121 Information Technology
Faculty Mahaffee, Dianne Art Education and Art Studio Professor Art Lecturer 803-289-6473 Art
Faculty Martek, Lynnette Instructor of Geology and Geography 803-313-7129 Natural Science
Staff McGriff, Cathy Administrative Assistant/Upward Bound 803-313-7144 TRiO Programs
Staff Mellichamp, Michelle Administrative Coordinator for the Dean 803-313-7001 Office of the Dean
Faculty Mobley Chavous , Tracey Director of Human Resources Human Resources Manager 803-313-7152 USC Lancaster
Faculty Moon-Kelly, Erin Adjunct Professor of Music Founder/CEO of EMK Music 803-313-7048 Arts and Humanities
Faculty Neal, Angela Assistant Professor 803-313-7025 Psychology
Staff Owens, Karen Facility Rental Coordinator IT Administration 803-313-7122 IT
Faculty Pangburn, Allan Instructor of Mathematics 803-313-7039 Mathematics, Science, and Nursing
Faculty Parker, Phillip, CPA, CFE, MACC Chair of BBCE Division Instructor-Accounting, Finance, and Insurance 803-313-7452 Business, Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice, and Education
Faculty Pate, Leigh Clinical Instructor APRN, FNP-BC 803-313-7439 Nursing
Faculty Penuel, Suzanne Associate Professor 803-313-7034 English
Staff Pope, Tony Chaplain for the Lancers Athletic Teams
Staff Richardson, Kim Associate Professor of History 803-313-7447 Humanities
Staff Richardson, Lindsay Adjunct Instructor 803-313-7442 Gregory Family YMCA
Faculty Roberts, David, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy 803-313-7457 Humanities
Faculty Roberts, Denise, MSN, RN Nursing Instructor 803-313-7154 Associate Degree Nursing Program
Staff Rowell, Tyrie K. Financial Aid Counselor 803-313-7077 Office of Financial Aid & Veteran Affairs
Faculty Rutledge, John, Ph.D. Director of Law Enforcement and Security Instructor Criminal Justice 803-313-7156 Business, Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice, and Education
Staff Satterfield, Elizabeth Jolly Bookstore Manager 803-313-7050 Bookstore
Faculty Scarlett, Todd, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology 803-313-7031 Division of Math, Science, Nursing and Public Health
Faculty Scott, Ann, Dr. Clinical Instructor 803-313-7165 USC College of Nursing
Faculty Sellhorst, Sarah Hunt, Ph.D. Chair of Math, Science, Nursing and Public Health Division Associate Professor of Exercise Science 803-313-7458 Math, Science, Nursing and Public Health
Faculty Sherrill, Mike Instructor 803-313-7146 Economics, Management, Marketing
Staff Steen, Kelly Instructor 803-313-7006 Gregory Family YMCA
Staff Tarque, Alex Head Men’s and Women's Soccer Coach 803-246-8593
Staff Tarque, Christian Women’s and Men's Student-Assistant Coach 803-342-2118
Faculty Taylor-Driggers, Brittany Instructor of Art Curator of Collections 803-313-7036 Humanities
Faculty Thomas, Lauren, MPH Project Director Healthy Communities & Collaborative Learning 803-313-7012 Public Health
Staff Thompson, Kevin Athletics Coordinator 803-313-7464 Athletics
Faculty Van Hall, Richard Professor 803-313-7038 History
Staff Waiters, Kathy Administrative Specialist/Processor 803-313-7073 Admissions
Faculty Walker, L. Brooks, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor 803-804-0304 Humanities
Staff Whaley, Scott Psychology Instructor 803-448-0005 Business, Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice, and Education
Staff Young, Karen Administrative Assistant 803-313-7112 Student Services (Counseling Services and Disabilities Services)