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Faculty and Staff

Kaetrena Davis Kendrick

Title: Associate Librarian
Assistant Professor
Department: Medford Library
USC Lancaster
Phone: 803-313-7061
Fax: 803.313.7107
Office: 127 Medford


Professor Kendrick has been with Medford Library since 2012. In addition to identifying, creating, implementing, and providing 21st century-minded information science, scholarship, and research services and programs for the USCL Community, she is also involved in research and service in her field. Click the link to to learn more.


Kendrick is the author of three books, The small and rural academic library, The Kaleidoscopic Concern: An Annotated Bibliography of Diversity, and Global Evolution: A Chronological Annotated Bibliography of International Students in U.S. Academic Libraries, as well as many journal articles and presentations in her field. A complete list of Kendrick' accomplishments and publications can be found here.