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INFO U201 – Concepts of Information Management & Systems (3)
Prerequisite:  CSCI U138) Theoretical foundations of organization of information; cognitive structures and processing of data, information, knowledge, and understanding information uses and users.

CSCI U139 – Visual BASIC Programming I (3)
(Prerequisite:  U138 or MGMT U290)  Visual user interface design, event-driven programming using controls, variables, constants, calculations, decision structures, loop control structures, arrays, creating menus.

INFO U211 – Microcomputer Organization (3)
(Prerequisite:  CSCI U138 or consent) Introduction to the major features of operating system software, the primary functions of CPU’s, hardware and software configurations. Assembly and disassembly of microcomputer systems.

INFO U307 – Systematic Innovation (3)
(Prerequisite:  24 credit hours or consent) Methodologies, tools, skills, and knowledgebase supporting a repeatable, structured, and disciplined approach to innovative problem solving, brainstorming, and alternative thinking.

INFO U303 – Organizational Informatics & IT Platforms (3)
(Prerequisite:  INFO U201 or consent) Needs, uses and consequences of information in organizational contexts, information technology platforms, and the rise and transformation of information-based industries.

INFO U305 – Social Informatics (3)
(Prerequisite:  INFO U303, equivalent or consent) Key social research and perspectives on the use of information and communication technologies, ethics, digital divides and social issues related to information technology.

CSCI U315 – Network Technology (3)
(Prerequisite:  CSCI U300 or INFO U303 or consent) Basic concepts of computer networks, data telecommunications and distribution applications, including network technology hardware, security and systems.

INFO U415 – E-Commerce and the Internet (3)
(Prerequisite:  CSCI U315 or consent) Coordination and cultural challenges, value creation and issues related to the internet and global economy.

CSCI U325 – Fundamentals of Relational Databases (3)
(Prerequisite:  CSCI U300 or INFO U305 or consent) Basic architecture, structures, and query languages.

INFO U421 – Data Warehousing and Decision Support Systems Technology (3)
(Prerequisite:  CSCI U325 or consent) Data warehousing, online processing and decision support systems. Design, architecture, integrity, and maintenance issues.

INFO U441 – IT Project Management (3)
(Prerequisite:  INFO U415 and senior standing with consent) Breakdown, estimation, diverse team leadership, tools and on budget delivery skills.

INFO U450 – Executive IT Management (3)
(Prerequisite:  Senior standing and INFO U345) Issues and challenges facing IT executives including leadership, consensus, ROI analysis, project and risk management.

INFO U499 – Senior Seminar (3)
(Prerequisite:  Senior standing and consent) Integration of knowledge in information
management and systems. Case studies and individual study of current applications. Students will research and present new trends and analysis in groups. Portfolio development.

Electives (6)

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