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Alumni Spotlight: Alli Osborne

Sumter Scholar and SGA Secretary/Treasurer

When Alli Osborne first mentioned going to USC Sumter after high school, some people told her, ”You’ll throw your life away if you go (there).” But Alli didn’t let the negative comments change her mind. She chose to come here because she was named a USC Sumter scholar in high school, and “knew that beginning my college career close to home would allow me adjust to the college workload before transferring to a large university.”

She just completed her time in Sumter and now plans to graduate from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, attend medical school and eventually become a plastic surgeon.

What Osborne liked most about USC Sumter was the small classroom size and the availability of her professors.

“They allowed me to excel in all of my courses, so I expanded my knowledge in multiple subjects.”

She also appreciated the small campus that allowed her to get to know her peers and professors.

“The opportunity to serve as SGA Secretary/Treasurer enhanced my leadership skills outside of the classroom. The flexibility of USC Sumter’s courses allowed me to balance my full-time student status with my work schedule.”